Unsplash Untold. The stories behind the photos.

Edition 1

Shortly after joining the Unsplash team, I had an email converation with photographer Matthew Wiebe and discovered that the name of the pug, that was going viral at the time, is Petunia. Photos of Petunia have been viewed over 12.3 million times on Unsplash alone, and boy has this pug travelled. Through the internet and into the real world. Last spotted…

This tiny piece of information has connected me to these photos, and this photographer. When one of Matthew’s pug photos pop up at random in my timeline I don’t think ‘it’s that Unsplash photo of the pug again’, I think ‘Yay Petunia!’

The internet saturates us with hundreds of images every day. Taking time to pause for a moment and actually connect with a photo can be an enriching experience. And so we’d like to introduce Unsplash Untold, a way to enhance your relationship with photographs.

These short snippets, direct from the photographers themselves, give a brief background to the shots and the people who took them.

Photo Credit: Patrick Tomasso
My girlfriend surprised me with a helicopter ride over Toronto. As an owner of a drone, I’ve loved capturing ariels but you just can’t get this sort of height or perspective without riding in a chopper or a plane. Once we were up in the air it was quite an adrenaline rush, I was more into how the helicopter worked than the scenery! I stopped shooting out the window and started shooting inside the cabin. Out of what felt like 1000 blind snaps I was able to get this shot that I fell in love with.

About the photographer :Patrick Tomasso is a 27 year old content creator from Toronto. He makes music, films, and takes pictures.

Photo Credit: Caleb Jones
This particular shot was taken at Mcway Falls when we were driving through Big Sur and up the coast of California for my 30th bday last year. I love the adventure of the shot, there is nothing like traveling and seeing new things with the one you love most.

About the photographer: Caleb Jones is a 31 year old, living in Atlanta, Georgia.

Photo credit: Cameron Kirby
I wanted to get out and try something new that I had really shot before. I’ve shot open exposure shots but only in the outdoors. I decided to go out and give it a shot with some more urban open exposure and it turned out great!

About the photographer: Cameron Kirby is a 27 year old, living in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Photo Credit: Biel Morro
I took this photo during my holidays in Minorca, a tiny island where I was born. It’s been almost five years since I left my home now. I stumbled upon this empty shell while I was scuba diving and I asked my girlfriend to hold it so I could take a photo of it. My intention was to capture a bit of the essence of my island: humanity and nature together in the middle of the sea. Poetic but simple at the same time.

About the photographer: Biel Morro is a 22 year old, living in Barcelona, Spain.

Photo Credit: Jeremy Bishop
I surprised my friends in Hawaii to explore the island with them for one week. This photo was captured at Waimea Bay after sunset enjoying the warm water and and watching the sun go down. The girl was our close friend and model for the week using her for storytelling for a lyric video directed by Jeff Comstock.

About the photographer: Jeremy Bishop is a 24 year old from Los Angeles, California. He grew up surfing and taking photos in the water with his GoPro. And he’s still rocking it still to this day. Water makes him feel alive.

Photo Credit: Simon Caspersen
This photo was shot in a part of Copenhagen called Østerbro , in a new highway tunnel that is under construction. I was there to photograph some safety related stuff when I noticed this awesome roof reflection on the van!

About the photographer: Simon Caspersen is a 25 year old from Copenhagen.

Photo Credit: Lacie Slezak
Coming from an Air Force family that has moved all around the world. Photography started as a family hobby when I was 14. Although it quickly became much more to me then a hobby. 
 This image was my final assignment in my digital photography class last December. Being a huge book worm, this image was strongly about how they make me feel and improve my imagination. In books anything is possible.

About the photographer: Lacie Slezak, is a 22 year old, currently living in Florida.

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If there’s a photo on Unsplash that you would like to find out more about, drop an email to annie@unsplash.com and we’ll try to include it in a future edition. 👍

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