Downloading Photos

To save a photo, click the ‘Download’ link below each photo or click on the photo itself. The highest quality version of the photo will open in a new window. Right clicking the photo and selecting ‘Save Image As…’ or dragging the photo to your desktop will save the photo to your computer.

The photo that you can download from Unsplash is the largest file size that we have available. If you require a larger file size you may wish to contact the photographer directly, via the ‘message’ button on their profile.

There is currently not a way to download all the photos on Unsplash at once. There are more than 300,000+ photos on Unsplash, with thousands being submitted each week. That would be one heavy file 😉 and we haven’t built the support for that yet.

If you’re working on an application and you’d like to incorporate Unsplash photos in your application, you can request access to the Unsplash API.

Crediting Photographers

Unsplash wouldn’t exist without our community of generous photographers and we’d love it if you could give them a shout out. We know it’s not always possible to credit a photographer, but it’s much appreciated when it’s possible.

You can either link directly to the photo’s URL (click on the photo and copy the link from the address bar) or the photographer’s profile (click their name and copy the link). If you’ve downloaded a photo and forgot who took it, their name is in the filename. Just use our search to find them again.

Here are some easy ways to do it online:

1. Facebook

If you paste the Unsplash photo link directly in your post, Facebook will handle everything for you. If you’re uploading a photo that you’ve downloaded (which will give you a nice thumbnail) just paste “Photo by” into the text box.

2. Twitter

Twitter is similar to Facebook. You can just paste in the photo link and let Twitter do the rest.

If you’re uploading the photo and have characters to spare, you can use something like “📷 by” (links will be automatically shortened).

3. Instagram

On Instagram, feel free to paste “Photo by” right in the caption. It won’t link out, but if you’re feeling extra generous there’s always the old “link in bio” trick.

4. Medium

On Medium you can either paste in the link or upload the photo and add the photographer’s name (linking to their profile) in the caption.

5. Pinterest

Pinterest will link out, but it’s nice to add a “photo by name” line. You don’t need to include the link in the caption since Pinterest will do that automatically.

6. Your Website

During our last #MakeDay, our teammate, Oliver Ash created a simple way to add a badge to your site crediting the photographer. Click the “Give credit” button in the lower right corner of any photo and we’ll give you the HTML that will deliver a small badge on your site.

When you download a photo you will notice a small ‘Say Thanks’ pop up box. This gives a couple of handy ready-made options to credit the photographer; Embed a credit badge or copy a credit code.

Example of credit options

If embedding credit is not possible or preferred, a simple ‘Photo by photographer-name’ is very much appreciated.

You might find this helpful: How to Add HTML Embed Codes to Your Website.

Contacting a photographer

Should you wish to contact a photographer, you can do so via the ‘message’ button on their profile. You will need to have an Unsplash account, and be logged in to access this feature. 
Don’t have an Unsplash account? It’s free and simple to join.

Example of where to find the Message button on a profile

We ask that messages are kept polite, relevant and respectful.


Collections are ways to save and order photos on Unsplash. You can create as many collections as you’d like. Many people use collections to save photos for future use or for inspiration.

Collections can be set to either public (visible by all) or private (visible to just you).

There are three types of collections: Regular, Featured and Curated.

To create a collection

  1. Select a photo that you wish to add to a collection.
  2. Click the + icon in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Add your collection title and description, and decide if you would like your collection to be public or private (you can always change this later).
  4. Save.

Example screencast:

To add a photo to a collection

Click the + icon in the top right hand corner of photos in desktop view, or beneath a photo in mobile view. Choose the collection you’d like to add the photo to from the menu that shows up.

To remove a photo from a collection

Click the + icon on the photo that you would like to remove and you will see the option to remove it from a collection.

To view your public collections

  1. Click on your profile icon in the top right hand corner — this will take you to your profile
  2. Select the Collection option from your profile

To view your private collections

  1. Log in to your Unsplash account
  2. Click on your profile icon in the top right hand corner — this will take you to your profile
  3. Select the Collection option from your profile

To edit the title of a collection

  1. Login to Unsplash
  2. Visit your profile page, and click the Collection link
  3. Click the Collection that you would like to change
  4. Click the Edit button
  5. Make the changes and save!

To change the visibility of a collection

  1. Login to Unsplash
  2. Visit your profile page, and click the Collection link
  3. Click the Collection that you would like to change
  4. Click the Edit button
  5. Check the ‘Make collection private’ box and save.

How are Curated Collection curators selected?

Curators are chosen by the Unsplash editorial team. The criteria isn’t set in stone, but we generally look for people who have positively affected the culture of creativity or influenced creatives in their field.

Want to recommend a curator? Drop us a line at

Sharing a private collection with a friend or colleague

You can share any collection, public or private by sharing the url of the collection.


Likes are simple way to show a photographer that you appreciate, or ’like‘, their photos. The ‘Likes’ feature is available to users of Unsplash who have an account. Photos you ‘like’ are saved to a feed, accessible from your profile, to return to visit and enjoy anytime.

Photographers can see who likes their photos in their notifications. By liking a photo you are giving a sign of appreciation for the photo, and the photographer. Photographers that feel appreciated and valued are more likely to share further photos, so it’s a positive action for the community as a whole.

To like a photo, hover over the photo and click the heart icon. Once you have liked the photo, the like box will turn red. To unlike a photo, simply click the red like box.

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