Andrew Neel
Mar 13, 2018 · 4 min read

Last month Unsplash, Weebly, and Focus Camera all teamed up with WeWork to host a panel featuring professional designers, photographers and successful entrepreneurs on how to master the art of product photography and boost their business with enticing imagery.

With over 500 RSVPs, it was a big hit, to say the least. The night started out with some catered snacks, drinks, and casual networking.

Focus Camera brought a selection of cameras, lenses, and photography gear for attendees to test out, providing free headshots as well.

We had the honor of having guest panelists from both of our platforms and teams sharing tips and tools for improving brand appeal, designing great first impressions, and creating engaging marketing using high quality imagery.

Meet the panelists:

Derick Anies
Weebly Design Lead- Derick is an Experience Designer by day focused on building tools to improve the lives of small business entrepreneurs.

Katie Swett
Katie is a Group Product Manager at Weebly in NYC where she currently manages the Marketing, Website Building, and Insights product areas. Most recently she launched Weebly’s latest product, Weebly Promote, an integrated marketing platform. Before Weebly, Katie was a consultant at IBM iX, a digital agency using data to create growth experiences for clients. Katie is passionate about building products that delight customers and allow them to express themselves digitally while encouraging growth.

Hannah Turner
On any given day you can find Hannah wandering around Central Park getting lost in the woodlands. She is a candle maker and the founder of Wax and Wane Candles. However, Hannah is also a photographer that believes the best way to capture beautiful moments is to develop a real relationship with her clients.

Andrew Neel
Andrew is a Community Manager at Unsplash where he runs the Unsplash social accounts, handles API approvals, and manages the Unsplash community with his teammate, Annie. He’s been a photographer for nearly a decade and was an active contributor to Unsplash long before he joined the Unsplash team full-time. His main passion is helping others realize their true potential, supporting them as they pursue their own passions and dreams.

Zac Ong
Zac is a Senior Creative Developer at AKQA New York studio where he works on creative concepts, design, and prototyping for several international brands. He is obsessed with innovation and new media art. However, photography has always been his passion, he started to become a hobbyist photographer a few years back and has been an Unsplash contributor ever since.

Matteo Catanese
Matteo is an Italian Creative Art Director working at AKQA New York, a digital agency that specializes in creating digital services and products for clients such as Nike, Volvo, Amazon, and Netflix. He lived in Asia for over 5 years working along with his creative partner Zac. Photography has always been the most direct vehicle to experience the world during his travels and Unsplash is the best community for creatives and photographers like him who like to share their inspirations and work freely.

We wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that came to the event, to WeWork for allowing us to use your beautiful space, to Focus Camera for providing cameras and headshots, and to ShughesStudios for documenting the event. We really enjoyed the opportunity to talk with and be inspired by so many of you, and we’re looking forward to hosting similar events again in the near future.

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Unsplash Blog

Behind the scenes building the open photography movement at Unsplash.

Andrew Neel

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Community Manager @unsplash @andrewtneel - Support the people that you believe in.

Unsplash Blog

Behind the scenes building the open photography movement at Unsplash.

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