We’re hiring a Partnerships Operator at Unsplash

Update 9/9/18: The deadline to apply for this position was Sept. 9, 2018. This position is no longer open.

We just opened a rare new position in Partnerships at Unsplash. Because we’re building a lean team of product-focused people, this is 1 of only 5 positions across the company we plan to open this year.

You’ll work directly with Unsplash co-founder Steph Liverani to build and nurture relationships with Unsplash partners. In the last 9 months alone, Steph’s helped connect Unsplash with 500+ partners including Apple, Adobe, Trello, FiftyThree, Medium, and Square.

Joining forces with Steph is a unique opportunity to work alongside one of the best operators I’ve ever seen.

Steph’s been there since the beginning, when we were 3 people and a couch. She’s been involved in nearly every major project to get our company off the ground. She’s done everything from leading our finances and legal to leading the community at Unsplash to architecting our office into what Forbes calls the most beautiful workspace in the world.

Today, Steph’s sole focus is Unsplash partners. Alongside her, you’ll be building relationships with the people and platforms helping shape the digital world of the future.

Partnerships are a big deal for us. They enable Unsplash to push the impact of photography further than anyone ever has, while helping every creator gain access to beautiful, freely usable photography.

In a little over a year Unsplash has grown 5x. Unsplash photography now fuels over 239 million photo downloads a year from people across 101 countries.

Who we’re looking for

We’re looking for someone who enjoys creating enduring relationships with people. We’re also looking for a systems thinker. Or, someone who looks for the most efficient way to make impact by constantly aiming to improve how we operate. If we’re doing it right, we should look back every couple of months and be embarrassed by how we got things done.


  • You should be good at writing (nearly all our communication is written and this role will require lots of it)
  • You like keeping things organized
  • You enjoy coming up with clever ways to make things more efficient (if you’re anything like Molly, you’ll do well here)
  • You enjoy learning and are innately curious
  • You enjoy Unsplash so much that you would do whatever is needed to help Unsplash succeed


We’re ideally looking for someone Montreal-based but we’re open to remote.

If you’re not from Montreal, but you‘d like to relocate here, feel free to apply. We’ll help with the entire relocation process. As someone who didn’t grow up in Canada, I never expected Montreal to be as cool as it is. I’ve spent a lot of time in great cities like New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and I can say that I always love coming back to Montreal. It’s the hidden gem of North America.

If you’re trying to build a one in a million company, you should treat your team like they are one in a million. So here’s a few things:

  • We pay salaries in the top 5%
  • You’ll get a best-in-class set up (Apple computer, Herman Miller chair, $500 to spend on your workspace)
  • We respect flow.
  • You manage your time. You set your working hours.
  • We don’t track vacation days but we do enforce a minimum to make sure you take time off.

This is an opportunity to grow and contribute to one of the fastest-growing creative platforms ever.

We’re accepting emails for this position from now until Sept. 9.

Please email: join@unsplash.com

All we want to see is a message from you. Tell us what you are into like you would tell a friend. Show us relevant things you’ve done that you’re excited about.

If you take the time to write to us, thank you.

Mikael and the Unsplash team

One other position we currently have an opening for is our 3rd full-stack developer. We’re open to local or remote.