Browseth: 2018 Roadmap

In a previous post we outlined 4 major areas we wanted to improve for front end developers building ethereum apps:

  • Predictable interface for all of the common actions needed to develop a Ðapp. e.g. transactions, contracts, and all other reads.
  • A hardware, hd, and keystore file wallet manager.
  • More complex ethereum api inter-ops. e.g. IPFS, ENS.
  • A strongly typed modern Typescript codebase. Very nice if you use vscode!

Simplifying Ethereum development with a batteries included framework will increase the quality and number of Ðapps built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

To accomplish these goals we are going to break the Browseth library into 3 parts:

  1. Browseth Core
  2. Browseth Lib
  3. Browseth Framework

Browseth core will conain the ABI, transaction signing logic, and other core functionality for Browseth. Browseth Lib, a typescript interface that’s easy for scripting. Browseth Framework will sit outside lib and core as easy to use generators to help developers quickly set up a few standard websites from which they can begin to play with the ethereum blockchain.

As always, we’d love your contributions and feedback on the repo. Also checkout the docs.




  • Complete event monitoring
  • Integrate transaction monitoring.
  • Bulk contract function calls.
  • Wallet usability features (select account, etc.)


  • Testing for all signers, wallets, transports, event monitoring, abi and the rpc. with >50% test coverage.
  • Partner with Ðapps to run beta version of Browseth in production.


Make a template Ethereum Ðapp using Browseth:

  • Simple front end (React).
  • Standard web development setup.
  • Integrated contract deployment development.
  • Testing contracts and Ethereum browser interaction.

September— Initial Release

  • Documentation for start to finish ethereum Dapp.
  • Platform “pre-release” version of Browseth.
  • Expansion of docs to incude an FAQ.
  • Opening of a Stack Exchange and Gitter for Browseth.
  • Increase test coverage.

October— “Framworkifying” Browseth

  • Refactor / Bug Fixing
  • Initial design for break Browseth into component parts. i.e. lib/core/framework.

Goals for Browseth Framework:

  • Well structured simplified interface for Ðapp developers
  • Full customization at initialization. Pseudo code.


  • Migrate Browseth into Core, Lib, and Framework.
  • Potentially include a Ðapp testing module.


  • Ship Core, Lib and Framework public release 1.0.0.

Users will be able to download Browseth and run:

browseth new dapp

Much like rails new blog, Browseth will encourage new developers to build on Ethereum.