Introducing BrowsEth: A new library for interacting with Ethereum

As pointed out in a previous post here, the Ethereum development stack is still very young and could use innovation in several places.

Why BrowsEth, why now?

A more useable ecosystem is really what Ethereum needs right now. Most blockchains suffer from a lack of developability. The Ethereum foundation finally recognized this as well earlier this month. Front-end interaction is the first place we interacted with Ethereum and at the core of almost all current Ethereum applications. We see a lot of potential in improving it. A better interface, and extensible libraries will allow Ðapp developers to do more. Instead of writing imperative code to support all of the different parts of interacting with Ethereum, BrowsEth will support:

  • Predictable interface for all of the common actions needed to develop a Ðapp. e.g. transactions, contracts, and all other reads.
  • A hardware, hd, and keystore file wallet manager.
  • More complex ethereum api inter-ops. e.g. Swarm, ENS, and Trading Protools.
  • A strongly typed modern Typescript codebase. Very nice if you use vscode!

Join Us!

BrowsEth is super YOUNG, but you can contribute, learn about exactly what we are doing, or provide input in github here. BrowsEth will improve rapidly in the near future, and hopefully become a more community based project.

Stay tuned for updates as we decide how to make this library the best we can. We are looking forward to contributing to this great community and building awesome things.