SHERO Award- Monifah Bittings

A Voice For Our Youth. Changing lives one person at a time!

Monifah and one of her youth putting putty on her finger.

Monifah has an unconditional love for children. When I met her at thirteen years old I learned three things she is a leader, unique, and has deep love for children. She has been a youth advocate for over twenty -five years. Her goal is to see each child reach their full potential. Monifah has mastered the skill of reaching the most toughest youth and changing their lives.

She is tough, but with love and no nonsense attitude. The challenge to touch a child’s life, to inspire, motivate, and encourage isn’t easy. She accepts the challenge and has done a phenomenal job changing the lives of today’s young people. Her message is clear

Sometimes in Life we can turn a Great Mess into Greatness!- Monifah Bittings.

Monifah will share more about her in the interview and once read you will understand why she is a SHERO. I wanted to share this quote about circumstances.

Circumstances may take you to a place that you may not want to be, but always wake up grateful that you woke up. Today is another opportunity.- Monifah Bittings
  1. Could you please tell us about Wonderfully Created Works?

W.C.W. is a conglomerate of all of my creative efforts. I’ve done a lot of things within the communities of New York by the grace of God. He has blessed me to be the brainchild behind a few creative efforts that I will continue under the W.C.W. umbrella but the current focal point are my workshops, speaking engagements, and event hosting. I guess that’s at the top of the umbrella currently.

Rise to the occasion men you ain’t no punk you made the child have the same fun taking care of the child.

2. If you had to give a lecture to fathers about being in their children’s life what would you say?

I would explain to them what it’s like not having a father because mine died when I was 6 years old and explain to them that every moment and interaction counts. I would encourage them that although children don’t come with a manual they are fit for the job and more than sperm donors. I’d also explain some of the things that I‘ve seen working with at risk youth who live in a single patent home and finally I know the ladies are going to hate me for this but I’d also tell them not to succumb to the you aint $*** motto that some of us women use label them. Rise to the occasion men you ain’t no punk your made the child have the same fun taking care of the child lol. You said be nice or not.

3. What are today’s youth in need of?

Guidance, positive reinforcement, patience, tough medicine love love love and more love, the opportunity to be hard no matter what they say or feel, and parents who are loving compassionate, friendly but not their friends. I know that’s a lot but sadly I could actually say more.

Guidance, positive reinforcement, patience, tough medicine love love love and more love.

4. What inspired you to become a youth Advocate?

Being an aunt before I was a teen I believe it played a major part, and being a nurturer. I always liked to help those younger than me.

5. You have some events coming up could you please tell me what it is? I am hosting and stage managing a back to school Cops and Kids sports event on August 20th in Monroe Houses in the Bronx, I book the entertainment for it. I will be on Open with Dr. Bob Lee on Monday Aug 17th. That’s on Bronx Net, I will be speaking in the Bronx on September 16th at a bereavement meeting for parents who loss their children this will be the most difficult speaking engagement I’ve ever accepted I am sure. I will be assisting with hosting an awesome beginning of school event on Oct. 3rd. I’ll be working on the entertainment piece there as well it’ll be kind of like an Old Skool Block party type of deal with plenty of resources from employment to college and in between, I will then take a much needed cruise and speak at a youth event upon my return It’ll be in a workshop setting, simultaneously I will be preparing for my second annual It’s My Birthday but I am Celebrating You which will take place in November. Finally I will be accepting contracts for those who want to book Ms. Mekha Yaaaayyyy!!!! My goal is to obtain a contract with Steve Harvey to work with the children at both his girl’s and boy’s mentoring camp so I will put it out there now while I continue to build my resume and await his call. Oh I am also doing a photo shoot this Sunday August 16th for my inspirational quotes. I am excited about this.

6. One word to describe Monifah?

Private, Thoughtful, Unique, Compassionate, Assertive, and Shy. Oops you said one I guess that makes me a non-conformist lol.

7. Please give links, social media, pictures and inspirational quotes to share in your article?

Twitter @1derfulmsmekha

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