UnSung SHERO- Tamika Maclin

Tamika Maclin

Healing, Restoring and Renewing a Community out of a Tragedy.

Tamika and her daughter Lanasha

SHEROES like Tamika stand out with their knees shaking, missing her beautiful daughter, and making the courageous decision to bring light to sexual assault and to save another teenage girl. Her Sister Kareema Morris, is the founder, but also the wind beneath her wings through all of this she has never left her side. Together they speak at different engagements, give scholarships, and basketball clinics for girls as a way of restoring their souls ,and renewing another young women’s heart.

It isn’t easy, but here is the miracle of standing when you’d rather just crawl in a hole and hide. God chose her because she is Teflon strong, resilient and compassionate but also she has the innate power to restore souls.To be the ear to the voice that has been stolen by someone who has violated her. The Lanasha Rose foundation was birth and has already been a miracle to many lives.Their primary goal is to promote our youth to embrace self love, respect, and self-discipline while educating them that someone will listen.

Sexual Assault Awareness Event held April 7,2015
Tamika and her daughter Lanasha

Tamika has told her daughter’s story with a tears in her eyes and a Sheroic voice. It is by God’s grace and mercy that she didn’t wither away and quit on life, but answered the call to help our youth. Though the past can not be change she has made the decision to be a miracle to someone else. Her arms have been chosen to comfort another mother who’s lost her child to a horrendous crime. She knows what it feels like to go through the agony of missing Lanasha, but accepting the fact that she is forever safe and in God’s care.

It isn’t easy to come to terms with God’s will to obey him when she lost the most precious gift given to a woman. She understands that though hard he’s only chosen her because she is most qualified. It is now her turn to help restore by healing our beautiful young women’s souls. Renewing a community with the power of her story so another mother doesn’t face the same tragedy caused by silence.

She honors her daughter’s memory by letting the youth know that they should no longer live in silence. He knew Tamika had the tools to help heal another young woman who has been sexually assaulted. That she could comfort a mother searching for her missing child not out of pity, but love and understanding. It is my honor and privilege to celebrate her strength, her ability to be a light to someone one else. I know for sure as I write this Lanasha’s heart is overfilled with love and so proud of her Mom. Today, help me celebrate by participating in her paint nite, like her fan page, and share her story. She is truly my Shero.

I asked her seven questions and I hope it will help with breaking the silence and that you will reach out to support The Lanasha Rose Foundation. Tamika, is a SHERO because she heard the call and accepted the challenge of being a miracle to some one else.

Lanasha Rose Scholarship
  1. Tell us a little about the Lanasha Rose Foundation?

The Foundation was started after my 13 year old daughter Lanasha snuck out the house to attend a party and never made it back home. We searched for Lanasha for three days and it was discovered she was murdered. During those days we noticed the cry for help from the young ladies in the community as well parents. It has always been my passion to work with young ladies who aren’t doing so well in life. I decided to turn my pain into something positive and teach young ladies about self- love, respect and discipline.

This Foundation is also apart of my healing process. It allows me to show young ladies a positive way of living.-Tamika Maclin

Right now we have three annual programs. We have our December to Remember Scholarship Program, The Bury the Violence Walk and last year we added a Sexual assault Awareness program. We also have a kick it session. Kick it is where we go out to other organizations and speak with the Youth regarding knowing your friends. March 2016 we will offer our Sow and Grow program to 10 “at-risk” young ladies . Out of these 10 ladies 1 of them will be picked for our scholarship fund. Lastly, we will also be having a basketball ball clinic in 2016, this clinic will be offered to young ladies between the ages of 13–18.

2. If you had to give a lecture about life what would you teach?

I would teach Self-respect . If everyone can learn self-respect I think self- love and self-esteem would fall right into place. Often people do not even notice that they are being disrespectful to themselves. When we learn to respect ourselves, people who we deal with will know how to respect us too!

If everyone can learn self-respect I think self- love and self-esteem would fall right into place. -Tamika Maclin

3. What is the most valuable lesson you learn on this journey called life?

To always tell people the truth even if it hurts and to never talk behind someone’s back.

I live by these rules!

This will avoid lots of problems and drama in your life.

If people cannot respect your truth and go to the source with there issue then those are the people you do not want to be around.

4. One word to describe you?


Lamasha Rose Foundation Bury the Violence Annual Walk

5. You have a special event coming up with the foundation, tell us a little about it?

We actually have two events coming up September 19th, 2015 we will have a “Paint Nite” Fundraiser. This would allow us to raise funds for the foundation so that we can better serve the community. We would like majority of our programs and events to be free of charge. By having Fundraisers we are able to do so.

Also, in December we will have our 3rd Annual December to Remember Scholarship Program. At this event we have basket raffles to raise funds for our scholarship fund. Our scholarship is offered to a young lady between the ages of 13–18 ,she must live in the City of Buffalo. The scholarship recipient must use the funds to pay tuition, purchase books, school supplies or uniforms etc.

6. What would you like to see change for our youth?

I would like to see the Youth respect themselves more. A lot of them do not care how they dress. They do not care what they say and how they say it. I can go on forever, but social media tells it all. It shows the lack of respect they have for themselves and others. As I stated earlier I believe Self-respect fall in line with Self-love and self-esteem.

Self-respect fall in line with Self-love and self-esteem.

7. Please share your social media links, pictures and website as well as your website.

Our website is currently being worked on so for now you can like us on Facebook for any upcoming programs. Please take a moment to like, share and support.


Today, take a moment to support this wonderful organization that is removing the stigma and being the voice that no one should live in silence.

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