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5 Lessons Every Executive Can Learn From Give To Get By Vishal Agarwal

By Jim Chu and Fiona Njagi .

Vishal Agarwal started his career as an intern. He worked his way up to Senior Deals Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers. He was a Global Top 500 Senior Leader for General Electric and is currently Chairman and CEO of his private investment management firm, Full Circle Africa. He’s also an occasional guest as an angel on The Nest, a virtual shark tank held every Thursday.

In his best selling book Give to Get a Senior Leaders Guide to Navigating Corporate Life, Vishal draws on decades of experience to help executives avoid the most common causes of failure at any stage of their career and replace them with skills every corporate leader needs to master.

Watch the latest episode of #TheNest featuring Vishal Agarwal among other investors.

We’ve picked 5 key lessons every young professional or senior execs can learn from Vishal and his groundbreaking book.

New to an executive position?

Being ‘the new guy’ can often feel isolating. In Give to Get, Vishal advises that the best way to establish your presence as a new executive is to spend time with and, appreciate those you’ll be working with. Create a well-rounded support group, don’t make the mistake of favoring interactions with other executives or managers.

The Pitfalls of Micromanaging

Micromanaging is the quintessential controlling management style. Research has shown that employees who’ve been micromanaged are often less productive than their counterparts. “Consequently, creativity, innovation, morale, and performance are stifled in the long run,” says Vishal.

Feeling Underwhelmed?

As a leader, It’s normal to feel underwhelmed. What you thought would be a challenging role could become more about paper-pushing than delivering mountains. “You go to work no doubt feeling underwhelmed some days. Rather than be disillusioned by it, supplement that underwhelm.” Vishal says in an interview with YPO

To avoid feeling overwhelmed Vishal suggests recrafting your office role and taking up an activity of interest to you. It could anything from music, sports, mentorship, or writing. Anything to take yourself out of the mundane.

Nobody likes a bully

Television and popular culture have long glorified the bully executive. The one who barks orders and get a kick out of humiliating their peers. Though feared, bullies are reviled and everyone can’t wait to see them fail…or leave. Vishal says, the higher you move in your career, the more you’ll damage your reputation by having a bulldozer personality.

Empower your team

An empowered team has a great deal of responsibility and authority over their workflow. They are, self-motivated and take full ownership of their decisions and the company. Vishal stresses that the responsibility of today’s leaders is to make sure that their teams can succeed and grow. Create and nurture safe zones in your workplace for talent to flourish

As Vishal aptly puts it, “ I’ve been saying to my teams for many years, “I work for you. What can I do for you?” That’s the only job of leaders today.”

The principle behind Give to Get is the more you give, the more you get. In a world obsessed with taking, it’s a reminder that we get better results by giving.

Give to Get, A Senior Leaders Guide to Navigating Corporate Life is available on Amazon,Jumia, Amazon Kindle, and at Textbook center in Nairobi.

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