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It’s Official! Untapped Ventures Launches Fund I in Style with Metaverse Party

Untapped Ventures started as a dream to inspire personal transformation so humanity lives the best version of ourselves with health, happiness, and prosperity.

With the launch of our first fund and the exciting investments we’ve made so far, we’re on track to hit our goal of impacting the lives of 1 billion people in the coming decades by helping them self-actualize and thrive, personally and professionally.

Over the past 20+years, I have been inspired by and committed to this mission.

After the sale of my last company, I decided to build a venture studio to empower the exponential growth of this opportunity. From hiring to investing, every single person involved with Untapped lives our ethos- we serve the world by building and funding companies helping the world self-actualize.

We Build Out Loud & Explore New Frontiers

We’re learning, growing, and experimenting every day.

We try new things, build out loud, educate, give back, take risks, and move with speed. We are also constantly exploring new technologies.

For example, we invested in a Metaverse company called Topia which is disrupting the virtual engagement space allowing people to meet serendipitously online through a video.

Instead of hosting our event in Zoom (boring) we brought it to Topia and partied in the Metaverse. Over 300 people attended- it was such a cool one-of-a-kind experience! During my Opening Keynote, I shared how this mission was formed at an early age and how my life changed when my friend Mike handed me Tony Robbins tapes.

Untapped Fund Launch Party Opening Keynote

Even FOX Good Day LA covered the event (see video below) and I was on live talking about the mission and story of Untapped.

FOX Good Day LA Covered Untapped Fund Launch

We Invest In World-Changing Ventures

Our fund launch party was just the beginning.

Now that we’ve got the funds, we’re investing in early-stage startups dedicated to helping people achieve their best selves, personally and professionally. We believe that with the right tools, people and businesses can transcend their perceived limits to achieve their true untapped potential.

Some of our recent investments include:

  • Topia - social experiences in the metaverse for real-time connection & play.
  • Teamfulness - team and solo meditation for the workplace.
  • Fitcoin - fitness app monetizing activity through cryptocurrency and NFTs
  • BillionMinds- practical tools to optimize work in the context of life
  • Hexact- data mining, analysis & machine learning solutions for business

Web3 Is The Next Frontier in Humanity’s Self-Actualization

We believe the next elevation of people achieving their untapped potential will take place with Web 3.0 technologies because Web3 is all about decentralization and power to the people.

Whether that’s artists being able to earn a better income for their work or new technologies that help individuals from across the world unite to work on projects, Web3 promotes equal access to opportunities for improving lives professionally and personally, just like Untapped’s own mission.

Join our upcoming investor webinar on Current Web3 Landscape and Investment Opportunities

We Invest in Mission-Driven Founders

We are looking for founders committed to tapping into their full potential.

As a startup studio, we do more than fund companies- we help founders validate, launch, and grow venture-scale startups.

We work with founders in a variety of ways but we like to be on the front lines building alongside and supporting the bold entrepreneurs we back. As an investing co-founder, Untapped offers speed and fuel to help de-risk and build unicorns.

In the next 30 years, we want to have impacted a billion lives. We’re building a different kind of venture firm- Untapped insiders call us the “Best Self VC” because of our unwavering focus on helping everyone that comes into contact with us level up.

We’re supported by a world-class team and expanding at a rapid rate- our team literally tripled in size over the last year!

We know we can’t do this alone and look forward to a future with abundant collaboration, partnership, and connection. As a studio, we’re focused on exponential growth and we aspire to become one of LA’s greatest VCs and eventually one of the world’s top early-stage funds.

If you are an investor, advisor, founder or startup you can learn more about Untapped and upcoming events here.



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George Bandarian II

George Bandarian II

Founder Partner of Untapped Ventures, a pre-seed studio fund based in LA that builds and invests in startups helping people achieve their untapped potential.