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Untapped Turns 1 & We’re Celebrating!

I launched Untapped a year ago when my 3rd son was born. This is the culmination of a 3-year journey since my exit in ‘18 to understand how I can maximize impact and returns. I cannot believe that despite the challenges in 2020 and 2021, we could make phenomenal progress. For this, I want to thank our team, startups, investors, friends, and family who have been next to us, supporting our initiatives.

Untapped consists of several initiatives with an overarching goal to make the Future of Work a better place for everyone. To learn more about Untapped, watch here for my fireside chat with Peter Diamandis.

To start off, I would love to share some exciting news from our portfolio:

  • Topia — we delivered a 2.5X increase in 6 months as Topia just raised a $5M Seed Round at a $25M valuation led by Alexis Ohanian’s VC firm 776, Bonfire Ventures, and Kevin Durant’s Thirty5 Ventures.
  • Venty — working with our corporate partner Axiom Healthcare Services we are excited to bring a product designed to solve the problem of healthcare worker suffering, stress, and burnout and its impact on healthcare employers’ productivity, retention, and bottom line. If you’re in healthcare, I’d love to tell you more!

We help early-stage startups build venture-scale companies. To achieve this we launched the Future of Work Studio-Accelerator program with the City of Burbank this past year. I’m so proud of our 11 teams that have completed Phase 1 of the Future of Work Studio-Accelerator. It’s been a fantastic journey, watching them validate their business ideas and building some early wins and traction for their startups.

We also aim to educate and share our knowledge and experience with founders and investors. We have hosted several webinars and training sessions in addition to articles. Catch up below if you missed:

And that’s a wrap! This past year has been full of learning, wins, and challenges. Thanks to the Untapped team, friends, and family for the trust!

I would love to hear from you and what you’ve been up to! You can schedule a call with me using my online calendar.