To my dear friend, Sorry!

They say true friendships last forever. True, there are some that do, and then, there are some that get caught in the wheels of Life. However, there are some that you will lose out on because of a friction caused, they were after all two rolling stones waiting for their sparks to fly. Then, there is the third kind, the ones that got lost somewhere along the way because you had a momentary lapse of sense.

Through the years, here and there, I have been lucky enough to meet different kinds of people. While most stuck around despite “me” (I can quite be a handful) there have been quite a few who I lost on the way.

I have made friends and broken friendships, I have realized that it each of these small additions and subtractions took away a part of me. I had done it all — sacrifice, love, hate, fight, make-up, hug, cry, jump — I have done it all, and yet it is those broken friendships that have left me altered. To each of these friendships, I apologize for probably failing in everything.

I know that Life goes on, I know that Life doesn’t stop. And yet, in those fleeting moments, I have always tried to capture what is good, kept in my heart what was precious, so here friend, with my sincerest best wishes for your future, I have penned down some words just for you!

To you, my friend, don’t for once keep in your heart,

anything but love,

Love for your near and the dear ones,

But never the thought that my feelings were insincere.

I never meant to break you and,

My heart did not hold any deceit.

Or the fact, that I said some ugly things to your heart…

Friend, you knew my story, my cycles of emotional garbage.

It was dark and deep, funny and light.

You listened, you cried, you laughed –

to all those sweet-nothings that we giggled,

Like Wisdoms of Gods.

Like all good stories, this too, came to its end,

Even if I sometimes wish for the wheels of Time to stop,

To go back to those simpler days,

When friendship was just simpler thoughts!

As months turned to years, I became sober.

I wish I could say, Thank You for being you,

And for staying in my heart forever.

I don’t think that friendships are toxic waste,

No more do I compare it with art,

Think that it lacks survival value,

It did add value to my Life.

For, This friendship, my dear friend,

Though now erased, did shed some light.

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