Untitled/Unfinished v5.2 in progress

Ok after reading v5, I realized I kinda rushed into a lot of things without explaining much about the rest so with that I am going to redevelop v5 into v5.2 hopefully with better pacing and as usual better writing.

The reason why I decided to choose v5 of all the ones that I have posted here so far is that I like the characters in it cause they are literally created based on my close friends with a few delusions and fantasies added in that they’ll probably murder me if they find out what I write about them but hey is fiction so maybe they’ll let it slide. Fiction based on the people I know in the ideal fantasy world where instead of the cruel reality that we live in right now.

Now I write ideal fantasy world doesn’t mean that everything is perfect, cause no world is ever going to be perfect based on how I see it, there are bound to be sacrifices here and there which I hope that I get to show and develop it as the story progresses. Now the characters that the new redeveloped story is based on is still the same.

We’ll be following Sebastian or Seb as he is preferred to be called by his peers, in his journey of finding what it means to be himself again in a foreign land. Now what is that supposed to mean? We’ll I guess we’ll have to find out as the story progresses. Along with Seb we’ll also have quirky clichéish characters that lives with Seb in the same shared house.

We have Edmund/Ed, a marketing director and gym enthusiast who sometimes acts like the mature head of the house while most of the time is just as problematic as the rest. Jeremiah/Jem the religious public relation manager that looks at the screen way too much than he should and his girlfriend Genevieve/Genny the foul-mouthed magazine content writer and only girl in the house that is constantly tired of having to deal with the boy’s shenanigans. The last housemate is Ian, the workaholic that is constantly asleep while others are awake due to constantly being forced to work nightshift as customer service consultant for an international company.

How these five different yet similar individuals got to know each other and somehow lives under the same roof remains a mystery but one thing for sure is that there is definitely going to have some drama and conflict within each other that may changes how everything is perceived by each other and how the story progresses.

That’s about it to what I have to update regarding Untitled/Unfinished v5.2.

P.S I might be thinking of actually titling it as Reaching Heights, I am not sure cause I am terrible at it but that will definitely not be the final version of the title.



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Michael Ang

Michael Ang

I write a lot yet sometimes i dont feel like I write enough, constantly stuck in writer’s block