And so it was an interesting episode as Louisa took on my dad who she and her siblings refer to as grandpa lawyer and asked all the questions you could think of in her complete innocence. Grandpa innocently got talking with her because he really admires how sharp and intelligent she is; always asking her about her studies and what have you. She took him on like she had an axe to grind with him and fired the first salvo trying to know how he goes about his daily routine, how he performs in court to get his clients off the hook and win cases.

Grandpa took her through the process right from when a client walks into his office to the filling process in court and I was also amazed as she listened with rapt attention as if she understood everything being said or better still as if she was a judge listening to counsels arguing in court and taking notes. He had to repeat the stage where he had to listen attentively to the client as he or she narrated the story informing Louisa that he would then have to consult legal texts where and when to bring out facts from the story to ascertain how to go about defending his client when they eventually get to court. Her next question was why grandpa had to consult legal books again before being able to do his job well and concluding that he probably never paid attention to his teachers while he was in school since he is already a lawyer. And then on to how grandpa would determine the professional fees to charge the client by merely listening to his or her story and if it was the parents of the client that would pay the professional fees; this Louisa and questions are just inseparable twins.

On to another question and this time it was how grandpa felt whenever he lost a case, how the clients’ also felt and also making grandpa understand that since he did not win the case if it would not be out of place to refund the clients’ money (see this kid o, so if grandpa refunded all clients’ fees, how me I for go school go study?) I can now see this babe want to stop schooling with all these out of place questions he was asking my dad at the same time making my ribs ache from continuous laughter. She is not yet convinced if she wants to become a lawyer in future as it obviously clear she isn’t decided yet if that would be good enough for her but she got herself a date to be with grandpa in court soon to observe proceedings to satisfy her curiosity.

And when she was done with all her questions, guess what our dear Louisa said “grandpa, my teacher told me and I hope you know that ALL LIARS WILL GO TO …………………………………”. No need hazarding a guess but i leave that to you all to complete because no be for my mouth dem go hear say teacher mama die. Before the dust settled, I disappeared into thin air.

This Louisa will not kill me o. AMEN