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Had to reply a request for a quote so I set to work to confirm prices considering the rate at which prices change now in this our beloved country. I planned to move from location to location because i wanted to get the local prices not the departmental stores’ price as the latter would come with different add-ons that will distort my final price to the client. First call was an Alhaja on my street and it seemed like I was the first customer of the day as they were setting up their wares by the time I got there.

I made it known I wanted to know the prices of a few drinks and got a rude shock thus “sir, it’s too early for this kind of enquiry, please come back later”. Wow; I was jolted to say the least going on further to enquire I was told that it is a taboo for a buyer to ask for the prices of goods very early in the morning without any plans of buying as it may portend bad luck for the day and they may not sell a single item. But how on earth did she know I wasn’t going to buy them? With that, I decided I wasn’t going further to any other local stores but I was going to buy here and get the opportunity of being schooled some more. Off I dashed to the nearest ATM to get some cash and return there. I was sure they weren’t expecting me back so soon.

So, we went straight to business, the first thing I asked for was a discount because what I was buying was pretty much. We agreed prices and her boys proceeded to bring out the goods, this lasted over fifteen minutes and it looked like one of the longest fifteen minutes i have had so far. The money I collected from the ATM were crisp clean notes of the highest denomination and wait for it, our dear Alhaja started biting the tip of every note one after the other as I watched in awe. One thing I liked this woman for was she didn’t care I was there with her and when I asked what that meant she replied it was to make sure the notes didn’t disappear after I leave ( gosh, I had become a magician without knowing) and I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically for over a minute. This woman will not kill me o, in this age and time and she is still stuck to absurdities like this.

The purchase finished and as I was leaving and remembered I had some change left to collect but was jolted the third time when I was told I would have to come back for my change later on because I was the first customer for the day and couldn’t collect my change right there and then. Right there, I decided i had heard enough superstition for the day and as I dashed off, I was called back; another superstition again I guess but not this time, one of her boys handed me my car key which i had mistakenly dropped in my fit of laughter. What a way to start a day.