Growth Mastery Tools Every CEO Should Share To Their Slack Channels Right Now 🚀

Supercharge Your Tribe With These Growth Marketing Tools

Rhys Fisher
Jan 22, 2019 · 4 min read

So you’ve finally got your growth tribe sprinting towards your north star metric, your rockstar growth engineers are smashing their golden tickets, and everybody’s got scale on the mind… yet your competitors aren't far behind!

Let me share with you a secret. The age of growth tools is here, so everybody is a growth hacker these days. To outpace the competition you’ll need to keep your team in the know about the latest and greatest marketing tools!

My name is Rhys Fisher, and I’ve learned the key to helping startups and corporates at scaling profitably is about the democratisation of growth marketing, and empowering teams with a cocktail of great tools and creative applications. The idea is that with each tool, your team earns a new superpower, each one allowing them to test new tactics, optimize at scale, and discover the stuff that’ll move the metrics. Faster. Cheaper. Better.📈

Don’t leave growth to chance. Start unlocking growth today by sharing this blog into your marketing slack channels. Do it now!

Canva: Graphic Design Made Easy

Google DataStudio: Create Dashboards From Multiple Sources For Anyone

Funnelytics: Map Your Marketing Funnels In Seconds

FlowXo: Build A ChatBot Without Writing Code

Seopressor Blog Title Generator: Endless Catchy Titles For Your Content

Sumo: Add List Builders And Share Buttons Without Writing Code

Interestexplorer: New Segmentation Ideas With Facebook Interests

BuzzSumo: Find The Most Shared Content On Different Channels

Revere: Business Alerts Directly To Your Slack Channels

Realtimeboard: Collaborative Whiteboarding

PhantomBusters: APIs to Automate Your Marketing

Ahrefs: SEO And Competitor Research

Goodemailcopy: Great Email Copy Examples

Firmhouse: Build Measure Learn CMS

Bubble: Build Web Applications Without Writing Code

Digitalpsychology: Psychological Levers To Bake Into Your Product And Marketing

Flippa: Shortcut Your Business Development By Acquiring Established Sites

DeepL Translator: Talk Your Customer’s Language Better With Machine Learning

AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator: Make Purchase Intent Keyword Lists In Seconds

Keywordshitter: Shits Keywords #NoJoke

Autopilothq: Drag And Drop Multi-channel Marketing Automation

Teespring: Create And Ship Marketing Merchandise Without Inventory

Use These Tools To Kickstart Growth

Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own. — Bruce Lee

It’s not enough to know these tools exist. You will need to experiment with them. Learn how best to apply them to create a competitive edge. So what are you waiting for? Give’em a spin… and ping me on twitter if you found any useful! @agileexistence

Want support growing your company?

I’m a growth hacker based in Europe. I bring a full stack marketing skill set to the table, developed over years of battle-testing business models and marketing my own adventures. I’ve also got a team of talented designers and developers behind me. I grow startups, boost reach, and help launch products into optimized channels. If you want to accelerate growth today… email me directly at 👉rhys@unvanity!

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