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How To Build A Website For Your Consultancy Business Like A Growth Hacker

Join The New League. Become a One-Man-Sales-Force. Smash Your OKRs!


Whether your a solo-freelancer, startup founder, or corporate executive… ‘meeting’ potential clients is the crux of unlocking new growth and often doesn't start with a business card. The times have changed and your clients are now online at every point of their purchase decision, possibly waiting for your solution on the other side of the planet!

The key to victory is building a website with the systems and technologies to support a lean funnel so that you can automate as much as possible. The more repeatable and scalable your business model is, the more freely you’ll be able to allocate resources to testing different marketing and finding those breakthrough insights that’ll move the metrics 📈.

My name is Rhys Fisher, and I’ve learned the key to helping startups and corporates at implementing a proper growth process is about the democratisation of lean analytics, and removing bottlenecks with good process optimisation and custom dashboards. The idea being that the quicker my clients can gather and interpret insights about their market, customers, and product, the more resources they’ll conserve for future pivots as they search for the elusive product-market fit.

Here’s how consultants can unlock growth by building a lead generation site like a growth hacker.



Landing pages are a lot more than just the first page your site visitors land on. They provide the opportunity to validate important assumptions about your customers and the business model. Used well, they’ll educate visitors about your offer, tease the solution, reinforce your unique value proposition, and get your target customers taking the first steps toward becoming happy-repeat-business.

With your site design, you’ll want to do the following things well:

  • Communicate your unique value proposition.
  • Include a call to action (CTA) which supports the business/landing page objective.
  • Make it easy for referrers to share to relevant channels.
  • Re-inforce the UVP to get your site conversion ‘ready’.
  • Get things mobile-ready.
Note: Since time is always the dominant parameter in a startup initiative, you’ll want to consider your skillset when building your site. Choose a content management system (CMS) that won’t fight you every step of the way. Good enough for tomorrow is ok at this stage since the shortest time to deployment prevails because you’ll be able to respond to situations that are constantly changing and test important branding and packaging assumptions more quickly.

Track The Right Metrics When They Count


Next, you’ll want to make make sure you are ready to measure the demand of your offering by implementing a good measurement plan and coding up some analytics events.

With unvanity.com, I used tag manager to get some google analytics events to fire when a visitor(1) scrolls (2) clicks any of the “Book a Free Consultation” CTAs, (3) submits a support ticket, and (4) clicks on a Medium blog. This allows me to make sure if/how visitors are engaging with the site, and check if leads are taking the first steps.

Setting up events and goals with your analytics isn't good enough, though… and left unchecked you’ll be drowning in data in no time.

I suggest using data studio to whip together a dashboard, with the purpose of cutting away all the noise, letting you focus on the metrics that matter. Done correctly, you’ll be able to segment and gather insights more efficiently.

Here’s an example of a Growth Model dashboard.

What about a BHAG to keep the team inspired ;) #SomeVanity

Onboarding Automation With Chatbots

Since time is money and providing value early is key to converting leads into clients, I recommend consultants build chatbots to automate and speed up some of the early conversations they have with leads. Done well you’ll be quicker at defining challenges/needs, and can get to pitching relevant solutions asap!

Check out UnvanityBot by clicking below, or test her live on the site unvanity.com.

You can even build chatbots with complete analytics setups to track things just as you would any other channel!

Build Your ChatBot with FlowXO Today!

Celebrate Your Lean Funnel

The majority of startups fail to implement lean analytics properly, struggle to track the right metrics at the right time, so you’re now ahead of many who claim to be on the cutting edge…reason to celebrate!

Once you’ve got your lead generation site live with an onboarding automation chatbot working, and analytics that doesn't spike your anxiety… let loose. Have a beer. You deserve it!


Need help with the growth of your company?

I’m a growth hacker based in Europe. I bring a full stack marketing skill set to the table, developed over years of battle-testing business models and marketing my own adventures. I’ve also got a team of talented designers and developers behind me. I grow startups, boost reach, help launch products into optimized channels. If you want to accelerate growth today… email me directly at 👉rhys@unvanity!




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