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The Crux of Digital Marketing Like a Growth Hacker

(Includes Example, FREE Dashboard, & Growth Tool List)

Whether you sell something online or deliver products physically, your customers are online during their purchase decision, presenting an opportunity to reach and convert new leads into happy paying customers. So investing in sound digital strategies is a great way to grow your business.

Sounds reasonable right?

Yet I still run into business owners who when presented with a website and channel investment opportunity, within the broader scope of building a lean funnel, improving their UVP, and boosting conversion. I get responses like, “…we invested in a new site last summer… so we don’t need a new site.” [insert facepalm here]

My name is Rhys Fisher, and I’ve learned the key to helping startups and corporates at staying ahead during these digital times, is to establish a growth hacker mindset. The idea being that your website and channels are never finished. Instead, they are just cogs in a much bigger machine, and with each growth effort, you’ll test new website features, funnels, and conversion tactics to remove the biggest barrier to growth and boost your Northstar metric 📈.

Creating a lean funnel is an iterative flow of product and channel development sprints, with custom analytics upgrades along the way.

Lean Cycle In Practise

I recently built a new website feature for www.unvanity.com… an automated segmented email funnel. The idea is that you might not want to book a meeting after the first contact with the brand, but after several weeks of receiving growth tips delivered to your inbox, you’d be more likely to book a free consultation or ask for a quote directly…

The funnel starts with a call to action (CTA) button, presenting the following question.

How fast can we grow?

Clicking it takes you to a separate benefits page, which I felt was important to highlight because the next step involves completing a form!

After clicking on “Answer a few questions”, a visitor will be taken to the following welcome form page.
Built with Typeform

Here’s where some magic happens. Depending on how a lead completes the questionnaire, their email opt-in will be automatically segmented into one of five buckets, and Unvanity will start sending a FREE 5-part growth tip series tailored to their growth needs. See the email flows below.

IMPORTANT: this is still an MVP experiment at this stage. This type of email marketing can be upgraded to include hundreds of buckets and email flows, with all sorts of fancy triggers, helping you send the right email to the right lead. Built with MailerLite.

Along with every email growth tip, the subscriber is presented with a few quickstart CTAs, focused on converting leads into meetings! They include:

Business Intelligence?

To keep this experiment trackable, I coded up the new events to track both clicks as well as successful email opts-ins. Tracking clicks are sometimes enough to start answering questions, but for richer insights, I wanted to track leads at every step.

I used Google Tag Manager & Zapier to trigger events.

With the new events firing correctly, I updated my lean dashboard which helps answer at a glance if the current website marketing strategy is generating leads.

Now we drive traffic and see….

With the new website feature and analytics upgrade live and working, it’s time to move attention to the next bottleneck, awareness! Which is why I’m kicking the week off with this blog post.

And before I forget, here’s that growth tool list I promised :)

Always be learning

By now you should understand that your website is never finished. Instead, it serves as a central hub for your digital marketing strategy experiments. With each sprint, you will test, test, and then test some more!

If your website is not performing, it’s pointless to simply spend more on ads and expect miracles. Traffic costs money, and lean is about spending money efficiently. Which is why I like to get my client's websites “conversion ready” before investing too heavily in awareness.

Want help growing your company?

I’m a growth hacker based in Europe. I bring a full stack marketing skill set to the table, developed over years of battle-testing business models and marketing my own adventures. I’ve also got a team of talented designers and developers behind me. I grow startups, boost reach, help launch products into optimized channels. If you want to accelerate growth today… email me directly at 👉rhys@unvanity!




Vanity. The route of all ROI evils.

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