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My Tryst With Writing

My first blog post on Medium

Fountain Pen for Calligraphy. Picture by author

I was always fond of writing, well I still am. I remember asking my parents to gift me diaries on my birthdays or buying them as souvenirs from gift shops whenever we went on a vacation. My latest one is a handmade diary using recycled paper. I just adore it. I couldn’t have given myself a better gift.

Hand-made diary of recycled papers. Picture by author

I have tried different platforms of writing from a personal blog to social media posts to freelance platforms to answering questions on Quora but mostly I enjoy writing in my diary with a fountain pen just to please myself.

But on some days, I feel like sharing what I’ve written with others just to feel that sense of connection or belonging because it feels good when someone relates to or understands your views or musings. There were times when I felt so good by reading someone else’s article or poetry, when I felt that someone has given words to my own thoughts and feelings or has alleviated my psychological pain by voicing honest opinions.

More than fame or wealth, I, like so many of you, crave to be understood and appreciated for our sincere efforts in expressing ourselves through an art form or a sport or music.

So, this is yet another attempt at yet another platform to try to express myself which may lead to a well-meaning conversation or a discussion with like-minded people. Hope I will find spending time on this platform worthwhile and pursue writing.

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