Hello, Oil. Bye, Water.

Oil, Meet Water

“No!” he blurted. “You can’t go!”

“I’ve had enough!” she said, standing up. “Who are you to tell me what to do? Are you going to tie me up? Lock me up somewhere?”

“No, I didn’t mean — ”

“You have no right to stop me! If I want to go, I’ll go!” she said hotly. “In fact, I’m going now. Now! And I’ll have you know — I expect you to take some responsibility. You’ve ruined my life!”

“Me? Ruined your life? This is all your fault! You caused this!” he asked, indignantly.

“Me?!” she shrieked at him. “Me?! I had to attend a very important event today — possibly the most important event of my life — certainly more important than you seem to understand,” she scoffed, looking sideways at him, “and now I’m late — and all because you refused to let me go!”

“Because you’d never come back!”

She gasped in horror. “You dare! Are you implying I’m a liar? I said I’d come!”

“I’m sorry if you don’t exactly strike me as someone I can trust.” He looked down at his watch. “Ouch, I’m late. Anyway, if you don’t want to be any later than you already are, just sign the papers and let’s go our separate ways.” He spread his arms and shrugged, even attempted a smile, the picture of compromise.

She howled. “No!”

“For the sake of — Just sign the papers!” He snatched them up and shoved them at her.

“I absolutely refuse to pay for your car!”

“You smashed into it!” he yelled.

“You didn’t indicate!” she yelled back, and the policeman hurriedly stepped between them.

“Alright, alright,” he said mildly, “why don’t we all sit back down and talk through this — ”

“I told you, I’m late!” she said hotly. “I’m leaving!” And she turned and stalked away.

“Fine!” he shouted after her. “Walk away. You probably do that to every problem, don’t you? You coward! Go on and walk away!”

She turned around and stuck her tongue out at him briefly before sprinting to her car, getting in and driving off. He huffed and cursed.

The policeman sniffed and sighed. “People,” he muttered.

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