DigiLab Collection: Cozmo

Cozmo is our most adorable addition to the DigiLab collection

Cozmo is a little, cute robot who will do activities, play games and complete tasks whilst communicating with a mobile app. The more you play with him, the better he gets at stuff.

Equipment name: Cozmo

Technology: Robotics, Machine Learning

Price: £179

What it is/could be used for: Understanding machine learning, learning to code with Python, robotics, robot human interaction

Further Reading: Cozmo used in an educational context, explore this blog, it’s a really great resource.

Talking points: THERE IS SO MUCH STUFF TO TALK ABOUT AROUND ROBOTS! If you’re struggling with this one, then I genuinely don’t know what to say to you.


🤖 Find out what level of knowledge people have. If they are total and complete beginners, you can use the mobile app to do fun, interesting and easy things with Cozmo, for anyone who has a bit of knowledge, maybe try experimenting with the Code Lab.

🤖 Chat to students and staff, can they think of a cool project they might like to do with Cozmo? Invite them to code club!

🤖 Watch out for Cozmo near table edges, he’s still learning what’s safe and what isn’t.