Student in focus: Jamie Ingrouille (Audio Slideshow)

In the fourth of our series of posts showcasing the fantastic work of our Journalism students at the University of Portsmouth, Jamie Ingrouille discusses the audio slideshow he prepared as part of his work for the second-year unit, Newsbeat.


Hi, I’m Jamie. I was born and raised in Guernsey, Channel Islands, and am currently in the closing stages of my second year as a Journalism student.

I am just one of a bunch of single honours students who were faced with the intriguing task of creating our own audio slideshows earlier this spring.

Jamie Ingrouille

The term ‘audio slideshow’ is fairly self-explanatory. The objective is to pair well-composed images with crisp soundbites to create a concise presentation with some news appeal. You can cover anything you want (within reason) as long as it is relevant to the ‘patch’ you chose to cover for Newsbeat.

My two cents for anyone taking this assignment would be to choose a topic that interests you- it will pay dividends for your motivation!

As a keen runner, I chose to base my project around Lakeside parkrun. All the necessary context is in my slideshow! Run director Rob Hall was exactly the confident kind of individual I needed for my interviewee, and I turned up on the day knowing what to ask in exchange for some interesting soundbites.

I covered every base by photographing runners of all ages and fitness levels together with complementary snaps of volunteers, facilities and scenery. The main challenge for me was condensing my 257 photos to a mere 15! I chose the photos that I felt best characterised the event while also pairing well with the audio.

I was satisfied with the end result and thankfully so was my lecturer, who asked me to share it here with you. This surprisingly enjoyable assignment taught me how to conduct an effective interview, utilise new forms of visual narrative and be open to any possibility that may arise during a journalistic career.

I hope to bring these skills to my summer placement at Guernsey Press. If you’re on next year’s Newsbeat rota, I hope that you get just as much out of this assignment as I did!