Bedrock: The UP Geological Society’s Official Publication

by Ayhin Itorma

The University of the Philippines Diliman was founded with the intention of building not only a university, but a community that upholds both honor and excellence. These two values have been guiding the entire UP population for years and will always be the torch that will light the path to the future. Different people from different parts of the nation have been flocking the university, carrying each of their own dreams and aspirations with hearts: courageous, bold, and unyielding.

And if there is one thing that ancient civilizations have taught us, it is that diversity comes not only in shapes and sizes, but also in the nature of hearts and ideologies. That is why UP Diliman, on its own, resembles an ecosystem where people representing each and every part of the spectrum thrives. Indeed, it is a huge and breathing melting pot.

Oftentimes, great diversity tends to induce traction among the organisms that cohabitate within a space. UP Diliman has had its fair share of conflicts and that is a fact that is set to perpetuate in the future. Everyone has strong opinions and convictions, almost set in stone. But the same diversity that causes these conflicts is also the one that mends it, beautifully.

Niche. Every person of the university eventually finds his place. Digging its roots as it settles in. Growing strong barks as it bears fruits. Ones who cannot be grown by anyone else, just him.

University of the Philippines nurtures minds that are open to intellectual stimulation and fond of innovation. Each student plays his own role, own niche. This leads to an ever changing ecosystem wherein knowledge is indeed power, and heart is a virtue.

Here in the University of the Philippines Geological Society, we firmly believe in taking full responsibility and commitment in enhancing the niche that we have chosen. Taking pride in upholding the knowledge of the field of geology, we have established “Bedrock”: the official publication of the UP GeoSoc. We have been aiming to disseminate information about the field not only to our own but to the whole UP Community. Bedrock has been doing its own part since the mid 90’s. It contains a variety of articles that sheds light into geology, its relevance, and applications through the years.

However, due to unforeseen events, the publication ceased for a period of time. This year, despite being physically restricted by the ongoing pandemic, the organization realized that it is time. We decided to make it even more comprehensible and accessible to everyone that is curious and willing to dive into the rabbit hole. Bedrock is now available in an online platform that is only a click away.

Finally, Bedrock has been revived.



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