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Become Scientia’s 23rd Editor-in-Chief

Applications for the 2020 Editorial Exam will open this week

Scientia is once again looking for its next Editor-in-Chief!

For the first time ever, the Editorial Exam will be fully conducted online. Applications for the 2020 Scientia Editorial Exam will open this week.

The Editorial Exam will be composed of two parts, a written phase with an assigned weight of 70 percent and an oral phase (interview) with an assigned weight of 30 percent.

The written phase involves editorial writing (with a weight of 65 percent), news writing (25 percent), and layout (10 percent).

Traditionally, each part of the written phase lasts for an hour.

This year’s Board of Judges is composed of: Natalie Galibut, Scientia’s outgoing Editor-in-Chief; Francine Pradez, 2nd year BS Geology student; Hannah Mae Sucgang, College of Science (CS) Student Council Chair; Rene Principe, NIP Junior Faculty; and Dr. Lillian Jennifer V. Rodriguez, CS Associate Dean for Student, Alumni and Public Affairs (ADSAPA).

Eligible examinees (1) are bona fide students of CS and have at least one year residence therein, (2) are not underloaded this semester, and (3) have not been adjudged guilty of any offense with a corresponding penalty exceeding a five-day suspension.

Documents to be submitted include (1) a resumé, (2) a letter of intent to apply addressed to Scientia’s outgoing Editor-in-Chief Natalie Galibut, (3) Screenshot of a registered Form 5 or of Form 5A (must have been post-advised) for the current semester,

(4) Certificate of Good Moral Character from the ADSAPA Office, (Visit )

and (5) Certificate of Year Level Standing from the CS Secretary

( Answer the following form; )

Applications will be accepted through Google Forms (, with the sole purpose of admitting the required documents and to distinguish eligible candidates starting Friday, September 11 until September 22.

However, Certificates of Good Moral Character and Year Level Standing may be submitted through email until the week of the Exam as these can only be obtained online and processing of Certification may take more than (1) week for it to be accomplished as our office will maintain a skeletal crew who will work from home.

The Editorial Exam’s written phase will take place through a Zoom Call on Saturday, September 26, starting at 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. and the interview phase will be on September 28 starting at 1 p.m.

For questions and concerns, email Scientia at




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