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Ralph Gruber
Aug 28, 2018 · Unlisted


UP! is a highly automated mood diary app that supports bipolar people in keeping a daily journal of their habits and emotions. It helps tracking personal warning signs of hypomania, mania and depression effortlessly when needed. With UP!, managing and analyzing the various colors of mood becomes much easier.

App name: UP!

Tagline: The smart mood diary

Description: UP! is a highly automated smartphone app developed for people suffering from bipolar disorder. It supports users in keeping a mood diary and eases the process of documentation while keeping motivation up!

UP! The Smart Mood Diary Trailer

How it works: UP! is a mood diary that keeps track of the most relevant health parameters autonomously via smartphone sensors. Additional parameters such as mood, early warning signs, medication and notes are entered manually with the help of daily reminders. The aggregated information forms the basis for detailed insights on mental well being and helps to understand the psychology behind one’s mood. UP! supports users in the collection, documentation and visualization of this information and enables them to monitor themselves and share valuable information with their therapists or doctors for improving their treatment.

Documentation made easy by generating long-term reports in PDF format. Reports are a useful tool when talking to therapists or doctors. They can be either print or directly sent inside the app.

UP! was developed with scientists to support people who must cope with a bipolar affective disorder (bipolar 1 and bipolar 2). The app digitizes routines and concepts suggested by supranational treatment guidelines and implicitly implements a psycho-educative & cognitive behavioral therapeutically (CBT) approaches.

These are the benefits of UP!:
• Increases the competency to differentiate between normal mood swings and disease symptoms.
• Sharpens the competency to recognize early warning signs.
• Supports patients in a better understanding of the psychology behind their moods.
• It is a valuable companion for psychotherapy.

UP! is available for free in the Google Play Store. A Premium subscription with additional features and the integration of confidants and doctors will be available soon. Stay tuned!

Google Play Store: Download UP! here.
Website: www.meemo-tec.com

Press Contact: Manfred Weiss, press@meemo-tec.com

The Company

The company Meemo-tec was founded in 2016 by Manfred Weiss, Ralph Gruber and Christian Pendl with the goal to improve patient empowerment in the field of mental health by using cutting-edge technology.
The initial idea to build an app for bipolar people results from personal consternation of one of the founders. The lack of suitable tools to support people with bipolar disorder was the start of this journey.

UP! — smartphone app for bipolar people
Bipolar-Academy — Online psycho-education platform about bipolar disorder
Tagline: Take your health in your own hands.
Founding year: 2016
Funded by: AWS, FFG, SFG, SciencePark Graz, Microsoft BizSpark
Partners: Special Outpatient Clinic for Bipolar Disorder — Medical University Graz, SPSC — University of Technology Graz

Website: www.meemo-tec.com
Facebook: facebook.com/meemotecog
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/meemotecog

Founding Team

DI Christian Pendl (CTO), Manfred Weiss (CMO&CSO), DI Ralph Gruber (CEO) [photo credits: Thomas Raggam]

Awards & Achievements

Elected as “Company of the Month” by the Styrian funding agency SFG in September 2018.

Healthline elected UP! to be among the world’s best bipolar apps in 2018.
- Healthline

Elected among the 15 most promising startups at Health.Pioneers 2017.
- Health.Pioneers

We are part of the RedBull Amaphiko Platform for Social Entrepreneurs.
- Red Bull Amaphiko

Nominated for IECT Hermann Hauser Summer School on Entrepreneurship.

In 2017 Meemo-tec received funding from the Austrian funding provider AWS and participated in the PreSeed program for high-tech startups.

National Award, second place, 2015: European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC).

All full list of events and press mentions can be found on our website.

Product Images

[photo credits: Meemo-tec]
“Understand the colors of your mood.” [photo credits: Frischluft GbR]

Google Play Store Images

[photo credits: Meemo-tec]


UP! App Store Logo

Up! The Smart Mood Diary

Highly automated mood diary for bipolar individuals.

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