Best Of: Enes Kanter’s Summer Tweets

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If you spend any time on Twitter at all, you’re likely aware that Enes Kanter has been killing the tweet game all summer. Remaining relatively quiet throughout his first season and a half in Oklahoma City, he turned up the savagery once Kevin Durant decided to bolt for Oakland. It appears as though KD awoke a sleeping Twitter giant.

We’ve pulled the best Kanter tweets from this summer and ranked them 10–1. Enjoy.

#10: Tim Duncan Savagery

On the day Tim Duncan retired, there were a number of tweets from athletes everywhere celebrating his greatness. Enes also honored Timmy D. with a normal post, but he followed it up with this collage of Duncan’s “swagless moments.

Enes, you savage.

#9: Miss You, Thunder Nation

This cracks me up because I like to assume Enes has a collection of Kanter-cartoons on hand to use at a moment’s notice.

#8: Return of the Stache

Though he shaved his mustache for his world travels earlier in the summer, it quickly re-appeared upon him being back in the United States. He wasted no time alerting Steven Adams to this development, sharing photos immediately.

#7: Happy Birthday, Steven

When Steven Adams celebrated his 23rd birthday, Enes honored him in the best way imaginable: By sharing a clip of Adams obliterating Draymond Green with a vicious tomahawk jam. Warms my heart.

#6: Chopsticks are Hard

For all of his talents, we learned Enes Kanter is absolutely terrible with chopsticks. This ended in Steven Adams offering him a pair of Thomas the Tank Engine chopsticks for children.

#5: In Defense of the Brodie

When ESPN’s “Speak for Yourself” compared to Russell Westbrook to Dwight Howard — saying literally no one wants to play with him — Kanter quickly shot that idea down. Not happening. Not on Big Turkey’s watch.

#4: Chewbacca

In a stroke of pure genius, Kanter gave us an early look at what Steven Adams should look like next season. All-time classic tweet right here.

#3: All You Can Eat

When KD’s restaurant in OKC temporarily shut down for some re-branding, Twitter ran wild with new name suggestions. The best of them all? Kanter getting into the mix with a unique Turkey/New Zealand fusion. Can I go ahead and get reservations?


A little context: When Kanter returned to the US and his mustache made its comeback, he alerted Steven Adams to this development. Adams replied in Kiwi fashion, letting Kanter know it was too late and that he had already found a new Stache Bro.

Enes took this prime opportunity to throw a little shade at Kevin Durant… And Twitter LOVED it.

#1: Don’t Burn Those KD Jerseys

This is the most savage tweet of the summer. Instead of burning your KD jerseys — Enes has a better solution.

Duct tape. Permanent marker. Boom — now you’ve got a brand new Victor Oladipo jersey!

We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 10 Enes Kanter tweets of this summer. If you aren’t following him, you just need to go ahead and do so. He’s turning into the best follow in the NBA.

And if you take anything away from this list, let it be this: We should probably start demanding an Enes Kanter/Steven Adams buddy cop TV show SOON.