McGary Suspended Again

The suspension is extended 10 games

In the latest twist in the Mitch McGary saga, he has been suspended an additional 10 games to begin the 2016–17 season. Already serving a 5-game ban for violating the NBA’s anti-drug program, this latest development shelves him for at least the first 15 games. The story was originally reported by The Vertical’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

So what exactly happened?

Details Via The Vertical:

McGary, 24, has been suspended an additional 10 games for non-compliance with the league’s drug policy, league sources said. The violation isn’t believed to be another positive test, but rather a failure to live up to procedural guidelines set forth in the program, league sources said.

There you have it. It doesn’t appear McGary has failed yet another test, but rather neglected the responsibilities of dealing with his previous infraction. And while I truly believe in sticking by your people, it’s become clear this McGary/Thunder union has likely gone up in smoke. In the new era of basketball in Oklahoma City, distractions like this one just cannot be tolerated.

According to Woj, the organization feels the same way:

“If Oklahoma City has its way, McGary has played his last game for the franchise. Getting an asset in return for him has become more difficult with another suspension, but teams that trade for him can play him in the preseason to get a better sense of his preparation and function within a team before the suspension begins in the regular season.”

So this should be the final nail in the McGary coffin, right? I think it is 100 percent safe to assume Mitch McGary has played his last minute of basketball in OKC — whether that be by trade or simply waiving him. And while we sincerely hope he gets his life together and taps into his potential, a change of scenery seems like the best plan of action for everyone.