Official: Westbrook is Staying in OKC

The dream isn’t over yet


It’s official: Russell Westbrook isn’t going anywhere.

After a month that somehow felt like a decade, Westbrook made it official by agreeing to a reported three-year, $85 million contract. The deal includes a player option for the third season, making him eligible to enter free agency after the 2017–18 campaign. The development was first reported by Kevin Nesgoda/Adam Joseph, and later confirmed by Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

The dollars and cents should look as follows:

2016–17: $26.5 million

2017–18: $28.5 million

2018–19 (Player Option): $30.6 million

So what does it all mean?

It means you can finally breathe a sigh of relief, Thunder fans. After a summer that started with much promise — yet quickly fell to shambles when Kevin Durant bolted for Oakland — Westbrook committing to the franchise delays any discussions about a re-build. Russ will be on the team for at least the next two seasons, which should be plenty of time for GM Sam Presti to build around him. It also gives Westbrook a nice pay raise, as well.

Long story short: Westbrook is getting richer and the Thunder is getting a new lease on its NBA life. That’s what we call a win/win around here.

And, of course, with confirmation that Westbrook will indeed be prowling around the ‘Peake next season, Thunder fans are guaranteed the opportunity to see him unleashed in ways previously unseen. Not to mention the fact he is now the unquestioned leader of a young, talented squad that should be eager to follow him into battle.

After the heartbreak of losing KD to the Warriors, followed by a month long period of mourning/freaking out about Westbrook’s future, the summer seems salvaged in the most spectacular way. The guy who we never thought would skip town? Well…he did. But the one we were told was leaving us all along? He’s not going anywhere.

We are hearing a press conference is currently scheduled on Thursday around 4:30PM in Oklahoma City. Stay tuned.

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