Show them what you’ve got

Now that Russell Westbrook has confirmed he’s staying in Oklahoma City for the foreseeable future, we can now begin to give attention to other things. Like how awesome it is we get to see a few more years of Russ and Cam Payne dancing.

Don’t act like you’re not excited.

After the press conference on Thursday, Payne took to Twitter to offer Thunder fans a little challenge:

Pretty awesome. And you know what? It seems like fans are up to the challenge. We’ve collected the entries thus far so we can all be a part — and if you have a Cam Payne in your life, put together an entry of your own. We’d love to share it.

And my personal favorite — no offense to the others:

This little dude going solo, yet totally killing it. He even kind of looks like Cam, which is a major plus.


Life is good again for Thunder fans, and there’s nothing wrong with a little dance to prove it. Keep ’em coming — you have until midnight tonight (Friday,) and you might just win a signed jersey from Russ & Cam for your efforts.