That’s Nasty!

Top 5 Dunks of the Season So Far

If you’ve ever had the fortune of watching a Thunder game on Fox Sports Oklahoma, you probably know exactly why this story is called “That’s Nasty!

If you haven’t — just know that Michael Cage, one of the two-man demolition crew we have in the announcers booth — loves the phrase. Loves it. It’s guaranteed to get dropped every broadcast.

Here are the top five dunks of the Thunder season thus far. They are, indeed, nasty.

5. Russell Westbrook Punishes the Pelicans

Pretty tame in comparison to the rest of the list. But this made the cut because it’s just vintage Russell Westbrook. Tomahawk. In traffic. Everyone staring in amazement. These never get old.

4. Andre Roberson Over Brook Lopez

Andre doesn’t get enough credit for a lot of things — his insane athleticism included. This bounce over Brook Lopez was just disgusting.

3. Jerami Grant Posterizes Kevin Durant

This could have easily been number one…because…well…you know — Kevin. But the Thunder got decimated in this game and the dunk sort of lost its luster after that. Still incredible.

2. Victor Oladipo Ruins Dwight Howard

It doesn’t feel right not having this at number one. It’s honestly in the running for best dunks in the league this season. The only thing keeping it from the top spot is the fact it happened in the 2nd Quarter, and….

1. Westbrook Ices Game with Destruction of Capela

This takes the crown because it was the finishing blow in a big Thunder win. Westbrook didn’t have to do this — in fact, it may have been smarter to dribble it out.

But he DID do it. And holyyyy smokes.

That’s nasty.

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