The Coffee Break

Schedule, Thunder Pups, Mark Cuban & More

This is a new piece we’re trying out, and we may hit you with one a week, two a week, etc…. That part is yet to be determined. But at the very least, on Monday mornings you can expect a Coffee Break. It’s basically a look at last week, what’s upcoming this week, any random news and anything else we feel important enough to mention.

Let’s get it.

Last Week

February 28 @ Utah: W, 109–106

March 2 @ Portland: L, 109–114

March 2 @ Phoenix: L, 111–118

March 5 @ Dallas: L, 89–104

So 1–3 with the only win being the game I thought we might lose? I’m glad that makes sense. And as good as OKC looked against the Jazz, the team looked equally as pathetic against everyone else. This squad needs Victor Oladipo back quickly as we dive into a more difficult week.

Which brings me to..

This Week

OKC has a slate of home games this week, which is a great thing considering the competition. A couple Northwest Division tilts against Portland and Utah, with the San Antonio Spurs sandwiched between. Some national TV spots in the mix, as well.

The Thunder is four games back of Utah for the 4-seed, 2.5 games out of the Clippers in the 5-spot and one game behind Memphis for the 6-seed. With 19 games remaining, everything matters and this little mini-funk must end immediately.

Random Bit: Mark Cuban — Russ Flat-Earther

So we‘re still doing this, huh? I’m hereby referring to Mark Cuban as a “Russell Westbrook Flat-Earther,” because he’s just rejecting science at this point. He says these things and then we all talk about how crazy it is.

This guy, man. He’s probably just being a contrarian because he enjoys it, but it’s crazy talk. But if you’re looking for more reason to get agitated, let it be the fact that Cuban doesn’t hate just Westbrok….he hates you, too.

Thunder Pups

We had one of those awesome things happen on Twitter — where something spontaneously goes down and it starts an avalanche we didn’t see coming. This was the jumping-off point for Sunday’s “Thunder Pup” session:

Which led to another.

I’m a crazy dog-father so then I got involved:

And then we all went HAM and let the dogs out. Here are some of the photos we received and guys… you melt my heart, I swear it.

There were plenty more and I seriously cherished them all. Nothing like loving/being loved by a dog — we will all have to hit the park sometime. Barkley and I will bring the treats.

Last Week at Up The Thunder

Other Rumblings

  • Victor Oladipo missed his sixth consecutive game last night in Dallas. His back injury is apparently worse than we originally thought, but all signs point toward him returning this week. Unless he doesn’t — then we probably start panicking.
  • Doug McDermott is shooting 24% from downtown since joining the Thunder. He’s getting open looks — hoping the rhythm comes ASAP.
  • After last night’s loss in Dallas, Russell Westbrook must average 7.9 RPG & 9.8 APG over the last 19 contests in order to average a triple-double for the season.
  • This duo hit the Mavericks game in Dallas and I would like to nominate the young man for “Best Hair in the Thunder Kingdom” once Nick Collison retires. We love getting these — keep it up.
  • I was in Stillwater on Saturday for the OSU/Kansas game, and saw this jersey at the Copper Penny. Be aware — I have no shame in approaching a stranger and asking to take a photo if the situation demands it.
  • We had a great giveaway on the account last week courtesy of our friends at Chicken Express. A whole bunch of you all entered and shout-out to our girl @ShesForOKC for winning. We’ll try to do as much of these as we can.

That’s all for now. Have a great week, guys.