The Magnificence of Westbrook

Something special is brewing in OKC


It’s hard not to get hyperbolic when discussing Russell Westbrook’s first three games of the 2016–17 season. And I get it — the sample size is too small, he hasn’t faced a good team yet, yadda, yadda, yadda.

I hear you. I do.

Everything in me screams “IT’S TOO EARLY FOR ALL THIS” but what are sports for if we can’t get irrational about them? Westbrook’s early production is a perfect excuse for getting a little ahead of ourselves.

That being said, it’s time for a quick recap of what the Brodie has accomplished in the first three games of the season. This is pretty incredible.

(1) First Player Since Magic Johnson in 1982 to average a triple-double over the first three games

So this is pretty crazy, right? Check these numbers:

38.7 Points / 11.7 Assists / 12.3 Rebounds

That’s what Russell Westbrook is averaging after three games. Puts him into the most elite company imaginable when you’re talking about Point Guards.

(2) Eighth Player to ever score more than 115 points in a team’s first three games

Chamberlain. Barry. West. Kareem. MJ. Shaq. Steph. Russell.


(3) First player to ever have 100+ points, 30+ rebounds & 30+ assists after three games

I don’t really like when people start pulling obscure stats, but any time you are the first to do anything…it’s pretty special. Especially considering the number of players who have played in the NBA over the years.

Production like we’ve never seen. While making it seem extremely routine.

(4) Fourth Player to ever score 50+ points when recording a triple-double

Do you even realize how insane that is?

He also became the first player to do this since triple-doubles became an actual statistic. Here is the list of the highest scoring triple-doubles since 1985–’86.

Via StatMuse

Top 5: Westbrook, Larry Bird, Westbrook, Bird, Michael Jordan.

I’m feeling weak at the knees.

(5) Thirty-One Triple-Doubles over the last three seasons

More than the combined total of second, third and fourth on the list.

Via StatMuse


He’s now got 39 triple-doubles for his career — good for sixth most since 1985–86. He trails LeBron James by only four total, which is insane when you consider LeBron has played exactly 400 more games than Westbrook.

The crazy part is that the stats continue. We’re just scratching the surface of the historical significance of what Westbrook is doing.

And it’s been three games.


Hold on for dear life, Thunder fans.