Thunder NBA 2K17 Ratings Leaked

How does the virtual squad stack up?

Because the digital-world can sometimes be more entertaining than reality, every year I look forward to the latest release in the NBA 2K series. My prime days of gaming are likely behind me, but there’s something sweet about controlling tiny digital men with more athleticism than I could ever dream of. I’m not ashamed to admit it.

With Kevin Durant now gone, using the Oklahoma City Thunder in NBA 2K17 will be much different than in years past. Gone are the days of assured domination — No, you’ll actually have to try to win while using OKC. Just make sure you ban any/all friends from using the Warriors. They’re like a team full of Bo Jacksons from Tecmo Super Bowl.

All that being said, a few of the Thunder players had their ratings leaked last night, which is always interesting to look at. While we tend to overvalue/undervalue certain players based on our feelings about them, it’s cool to see how the folks at 2K assess the talent on the team. Check out the leaked ratings for Russell Westbrook, Steven Adams, Enes Kanter and Victor Oladipo.

Russell Westbrook: 93 Overall (Tied for third highest in game)

Russell Westbrook leads the Thunder in both the physical and digital dimensions, as he rings in at a robust 93 overall in NBA 2K17. This is tied for the third highest rating in the game (Kawhi Leonard & Kevin Durant are also 93) trailing only LeBron James (96) and Stephen Curry (94).

It also appears to have been confirmed that 2K17 will feature the pre-game dance rituals of Westbrook & Cameron Payne. Kinda feels like reason enough to drop the $60, right?

Steven Adams: 81 Overall

Screenshot via NBA 2K16

Big Kiwi comes in at an 81 overall, which is a definite improvement from NBA 2K16. While his play in the playoffs could lend itself to the argument that Adams is underrated here, 81 is ultimately fair headed into the season.

What’s yet to be seen is if there is a certain button combination that allows you to strike, swipe at or kick him. Perhaps a feature only given to Draymond Green? Who knows.

Victor Oladipo: 79 Overall

Screenshot via NBA 2K16

Headed into his first season in OKC, Victor Oladipo feels slightly underrated at a 79 overall. Coming off a 2015–16 campaign that saw him average 16 points, 4.8 rebounds and 4 assists, I’m surprised he didn’t crack the 80s at the very least.

Give him a few weeks and I imagine the roster updates will boost him. Expecting big things out of Oladipo in the real world — which always translates into higher ratings in the fake one.

Enes Kanter: 79 Overall

Screenshot via NBA 2K16

Coming in at a 79 overall, Enes Kanter is another Thunder player that feels slightly undervalued. While his defense is certainly not helping his case, this rating is actually lower than it was when last year’s game released. I don’t believe Kanter got worse over the course of last season. Just no way.

But assuming his offensive prowess is accurately rated, he should fulfill his duties quite nicely. I’m talking like 99 from close range, 99 offensive rebounds and 99 on the ability to quickly grow a mustache. This is another guy I expect to have his ratings boosted as the season progresses.

The rest of the squad, and the Thunder’s overall team rating, has yet to be leaked. We’ll let you know when it does, but until then — the game is set to release on September 20, 2016.