How to Create a New Season, and Manage Past Seasons, on SportUp

Managing Historical Data and Staying up to Date on the SportUp Platform Just Got Easier

With a new academic year beginning, it’s time to get organized and start with a clean slate. But that doesn’t mean that last year’s data aren’t going to be useful in the future for coaches, managers, and administrators.

That’s why we’re launching the New Seasons feature for the SportUp platform. Here’s how it works.

First, head over to your team or group page, and click on the settings icon.

On the right-hand side, you’ll see the team or group seasons, with a dropdown menu of previous seasons, as well as the current season. To edit the current season information, just click the ‘Edit’ button, and customize the name and date range. (You can name the season whatever you’d like — it won’t effect the way the data are stored, and you can update the name at any time.)

To create a new season, click the ‘Create New Season’ button. Next, you’ll see the following.

This means that:

  • When you create the new season, all the roster information (including contact information) will be carried over. You don’t have to re-enter a roster or list of members. However, it’s important to remember to update information that may have changed from one season to another.*
  • Messages and events are not copied to the new season. So, don’t panic when you go to your messages tab in the new season — all of the previous season’s messages are saved to that season.
  • If you shared videos with teammates or group members, those videos will still appear in their ‘My Videos’ area on the web and in the mobile app.
  • If you’d like to look back through messages or events from a previous season, you can navigate to the season you’d like to view via the dropdown menu in the ‘Team Seasons’ area.

*There are two ways to update your roster from one season to the next:

  1. If you know which team members will be returning for the new season, and which are not, you can mark those who will not be returning as ‘inactive’ before creating a new season — this will let the platform know that they should not be copied to the new season.
  2. If you’re not sure which team members will be returning for the new season, you can always leave your previous season’s roster as is when creating a new season, and then mark team members ‘inactive’, or delete those team members from the new season’s roster, once you have created the new season. Deleting those team members from the new season’s roster will not delete their historical data with the team on SportUp — you’ll still see them and their attendance data when viewing previous seasons on the platform.

From there, just follow the two-step process to create your new season.

As you can see from Step 2, the number of coaches, players, and parent guardians being copied to the new season is displayed at center-left, so you can make sure that those numbers appear correct to you before creating the new season.

Also, you can easily advance all team member’s grade fields if necessary, by toggling between ‘Advance Grade fields one year forward,’ ‘Clear all Grade fields,’ and ‘Do nothing with Grade fields.’

Get in Touch

If you have further questions or comments, you can always reach us by responding below, sending us a note via Twitter or Facebook, or emailing us at And for more background on how SportUp works, follow this link to our website.


-The SportUp Team

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