saddarSanam — prArthana

Two verses to start viewing “what is” in 40 verses

sat-pratyayAH kim nu vihAya santam?
hRd-Esha cintA-rahitO hRdAkhyaH
katham smarAmaH tam amEyam Ekam?
tasya smRtiH tatra dRdhaiva nishThA

Can there be existence without reality?
It is the “core of being” called “heart” without any thoughts!
How to (measure &) remember THAT immeasurable ONE?
To know that is to firmly establish in that.

mRtyumjayam mRtyubhiya ASritAnAm
aham-matiH mRtyumupaiti pUrvam
atha svabhAvAt amRtEshu tEshu
katham punar mRtyu-dhiyO avakASaH?

In the conqueror of death, taken refuge, by those who are afraid of death
“i-thought” attains the death first,
thus, by nature they are immortal.
How again the possibility of death-thought?

sat+darSanam = saddarSanam is an experience retold by Sri gaNapati muni in samskrutam from the original exposition of reality by bhagavAn ramaNa maharshi in Tamil well known as “ulladu nArpadu”.

On this SrI manmatha year, kArtIka mAsa bahula caviti — sankasTa hara caturthi, punarvasu nakshatram, I thought of putting these verses into English. My knowledge of samskrutam and English, both stands at zero! In one way that is good.

In the prayer above is to THAT one thing, which is beyond thoughts, the core of existence that abides in the heart without which there is no existence. Having surrendered to that ONE eternal power called mRtyuM-jaya due to fear of death, the ego attains death. Once the ego is dead, there is no “thought of death” or there is no “thought of fear” or rather there is no “thought!!”

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