saddarSanam — verse 4

sarUpa buddhiH jagat-IswarE ca
sarUpa-dhIH-Atmani yAvat-asti
arUpa AtmA yadi kaH prapaSyEt
sA dRshTiH EkA anavadhiH pUrNA

The forms of world and lord remain as long as
one’s mind-self projects forms on everything.
when anyone anywhere perceives the formless-self
such seeing alone is limitless wholesome vision!

One who sees “self with form” sarUpa-buddhiH, through the mind in which everything exists, this world jagat and its controller Iswara also have forms as superimposed by the mind-self i.e., ego. Only when the homogeneous formless universal SELF is realized, such vision alone is the holistic vision which is boundless!

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