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UpBots Discord server launches, $UBXT wallet news, and platform MVP reviewed

  • UpBots Discord server launched, provides additional channels for product-related chats
  • More details on our UBXT wallet
  • BitNewsBot review article of our MVP
  • All-new platform updates

What’s up UpBots community! We’ve got another weekly roundup for you today, and there’s some great news if you already got a Discord account.

That’s right! We’ve now launched our official Discord server, so be sure to jump in and add ours to your long list of anime and waifu meme servers (we know what you’ve been looking at).

We’ve published some deets relating to our on-platform UBXT wallet in a Medium article which outlines how our partners over at Arkane Network are working with us to make it one of the best damn wallets you’ll ever virtually touch.

The folks over at BitNewsBot managed to get a chance to test out our trading platform. What exactly did they think about it? Well, they put together an article all about their experience.

UpBots Discord Server

The word on the street is that UpBots now has a Discord server, and yes, the word is indeed true. As a community platform that has over 250 million registered users and is still growing, how could we ignore it?

Discord is an excellent place for people to gather together, engage in several active channels related to a specific topic, and communicate directly with server admins.

Wait, wasn’t that what the UpBots Telegram was used for?

Alright, so here is the deal with our Telegram channel. We will STILL be using it (it’s really our HQ) and of course, it will be active. The main reason why we wanted to create a Discord server was to establish distinct chats reserved for in-depth discussions around specific UpBots platform features and for support requests from those who really hate email.

Telegram, on the other hand, will be for more general, project-related chats. You’ll also be informed first-hand there on company announcements.

Why should I be in BOTH your Telegram and Discord channels?

You’ll discover that our Telegram and Discord channels each offers unique information and serves a different purpose.

Here is what you’ll find in our Discord community:

  • Channels separated by discussion topics around the UpBots platform
  • Algo discussion channels for BTC, ETH, and BNB (great for algo devs to join)
  • Support channels where admins will respond to you in an orderly fashion
  • Archives for all the latest UpBots press releases and news

Here is what you’ll find in our Telegram community:

  • Breaking UpBots company news announcements
  • General, project-related chats
  • Welcoming messages for new members

Here is what you’ll find in BOTH UpBots communities:

  • A loving, supportive, and friendly group of crypto traders 🥰🥰🥰

UpBots on-platform UBXT wallet

We opened the week with a groundbreaking mathematical discovery! (fully backed with evidence by Neil our mathematician).

UpBots + Arkane + BSC = UBXT Sexy Time

That is correct! So what is the meaning behind this formula? It’s that through the powerful combination of UpBots, Arkane Network, and the Binance Smart Chain, the UBXT wallet will offer a very unique way of handling performance fees!

Tempted to learn more about this plan? Get the full scoop here.

BitNewsBot reviews UpBots MVP

BitNewsBot had the opportunity to dive into the UpBots platform and get dirty with all our latest features.

They managed to document their experience into a review, now available on their site. Full details on their experience trying our trading bots with algos designed by 4C-Trading, the marketplace, and much more is provided in the piece.

Give yourself a read right here.

Platform development updates

Fixes and adjustments

  • Fixed the algo bot closing quantity
  • Small UI adjustments on Safari (mobile & desktop)
  • The issue with the wallet disappearing when the total balance is displayed has been fixed
  • Multi price error with the API key has been fixed. Max URL length is now 300.
  • Font for manual trade basic mode has been adjusted
  • Added an error message for when reactivating a bot and if your key is currently used on another bot. It will read ‘your key is used for another bot’
  • Format and size of the “coin distribution table & balance” has been adjusted
  • Prepared components for light version
  • An “invalid” status will be thrown if there is a problem when reactivating your API keys
  • Discord link and other social media is added to the desktop menu
  • Fixed null error globally
  • API key name fixed on homepage & portfolio monitoring page
  • Coupon link is now moved onto mobile so its more visible

Planning for the coming weeks

  • Preparing manual trade basic mode
  • Admin view to have an overview of bot subscriptions
  • UBXT wallet transaction history + front API connection
  • Improvements to the design of the swap page
  • Light version
  • DEX frontend and backend completion
  • Front validation for if users allocate more than 100% of their wallet onto the 3 bots

And now a meme from our community…

Have a question about the algo bots or the UpBots trading platform? Then come join our Discord server!

Want to receive the latest UpBots updates and news on platform developments? Check out our Telegram!



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