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3 profitable things you can do with UBXT TODAY!

As of August 2, 2021, our UBXT staking program on FTX has come to a close. If you had staked or locked UBXT your funds should now be unlocked. With your tokens now unlocked you’re probably thinking…now what should I do with them?

While you could sell them you would be doing so for pennies on the dollar, and so there are other profitable things you can use UBXT for that we would like to bring to your attention today.

Three things to be exact! So don’t click on that “sell” button just yet! Brian calm down you don’t even have an FTX account.

What exactly are these three profitable things you may ask? Let us give you a little run down of each of them.

Thing #1: Trading Bots on UpBots

Our personal favorite (yes, we’re biased!) is to start with the trading bots available on the UpBots commercial beta platform. With several algorithm developers already hosting their strategies on UpBots, there’s plenty of bots to choose from.

Many of the hosted bots have already been producing some impressive results during the past few months…yes, even in these horrible market conditions.

Check out what some of our highest-performing bots have done during the past 3 months.

Optimus V2 BNB: +99.40%

ETH Infinity: +108.51%

Optimus V2 ETH: +84.33%

By allocating UBXT to a bot and letting it trade for you, not only will you save yourself years of time that it would take to profit in the crypto market, but you’ll also create a passive revenue stream.

Setting up a bot is easy to do with UpBots, there is no coding or complex dashboards at all. Just pick a bot, put UBXT on it, set the amount of USDT in your wallet to trade, click activate and it will get to work, tirelessly trading on your behalf.

Thing #2: UBXT staking on UpBots

Perhaps you’re a farmer through and through, and would rather re-stake your UBXT? UpBots is currently offering some pretty generous APRs, so why not stake your UBXT here in UpBots?

You can immediately take your ERC-20 UBXT and stake it on UpBots where it will be earning an even better APR, an 32.86% (variable — at the time of writing) APR to be exact.

As a Brucey Bonus, those staking ERC-20 UBXT receive an additional reward from our performance fees, Profit Pools. So in essence, every single trade that closes in a win position is eligible to make a contribution in Perf fees to the staking pool.

Oh, and for those with BEP-20 UBXT you can still stake in our single-sided pool and get a nice APR of 36.35% (variable).

Thing #3: Yield farming UBXT

If you’re the type who likes to chase the highest yields possible then you can do so with UBXT too! There are UBXT farming opportunities for both ERC-20 and BEP-20 UBXT holders.

For those with ERC-20 UBXT you can head over to UniSwap and provide UBXT-ETH LP on there. Then when you get your UBXT-ETH LP token you can take it over to UpBots and stake it for an additional 45.32% (variable) APR.

Those who have BEP-20 UBXT can head over to PancakeSwap where they can provide UBXT-BUSD liquidity. After you get your UBXT-BUSD LP tokens, head on over to Beefy Finance and farm UBXT with them. You’ll start earning more UBXT at a current APY of 467.58% (variable)!

Aren’t these some awesome returns?

Another big thing to keep in mind is the value of UBXT in the long term. Thanks to our performance fees model coming online, UBXT is now a deflationary token, you may never see its price at these levels again.

That means now is your chance to start earning as much UBXT as possible while the APRs are prime and the price is low.

So now that you’ve seen the three ways you can use your UBXT to keep profiting, which are you looking to do?




Trade your capital in Crypto Currency, DeFi solutions, Forex & Commodities, manually or with bots, through UpBots, the Swiss all-in-one trading eco-system.

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