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A BIG opportunity to get FREE UBXT

We’re prepared to make you an offer you can’t refuse…especially since it’s for a limited time only!

UpBots has kicked off a special offer for all of you who haven’t deposited UBXT into your accounts yet. To get you acquainted with the trading bots, we’ve got a BIG chunk of UBXT credits to give first-time depositors so you can trade with all the bots for FREE!

The trading bots have also had their training wheels (or should we say “trading wheels”) taken off and now have increased trading limits.

Binance US support is also live on UpBots for manual and bot trading. Users of this exchange can now sync up their account API to UpBots and trade away.

We’ve also started a whole new content series for you all to enjoy! If you want to learn about the experiences other UpBots users have had with trading bots then you’re going to love, “My UpBots Journey.”

There are also some updates regarding two DAO proposals, one which has moved onto the 2nd round of voting and another that is open for discussion.

And after all of that, we hope you save room for platform updates. So let’s dive in!

Claim 1000 free UBXT for all trading bots

What’s the best way to get the right feel for a trading bot? To trade with it of course! So that is why we’ve launched a special promotion to help our users find the bot that’s right for them.

As part of this offer, we’ll send up to 14,000 UBXT virtual credits to users who deposit ANY amount of UBXT into their account. These UBXT credits are automatically allocated to each trading bot, that’s 1000 per bot. This will allow you to trade with all the bots and not have to worry about any fees you encounter, just sit back and let the profits roll in.

NB: ONLY first-time depositors are eligible to claim this offer. If you’ve transferred UBXT into your UpBots account before then you should have already received this bonus. Also please be aware that you CANNOT withdraw these UBXT credits.

Hurry this is a limited-time offer! You can find more details in the following article.

Trading bot limits now increased (50k)

You can now use the trading bots with fewer capital restrictions! After a series of rigorous tests, we’ve finally decided that it’s time to let the trading bots take on higher capital trading amounts.

Previously, we had the trading limits for all the bots at 2.5k USDT for testing purposes. Now that the bots have proven their trading abilities to us, we now have increased that amount to 50k!

Now you can see what the bots can really do!

Binance US now supported

Binance US users rejoice! UpBots now includes API support for the Binance US exchange.

This means you can now connect a Binance US API to UpBots and immediately start using trading bots, portfolio evolution, or any of our other tools.

New content series: “My UpBots Journey”

Are you curious about the opinions other UpBots users have on trading bots? Our newest content series, “My UpBots Journey”, will introduce you to a variety of UpBots users who actively trade with bots.

We figured to use this series as a platform for active bot traders to share their stories on why they started trading with bots and the benefits they provide.

You can meet our first interviewee, Piero, in our first interview.

UIP2 round 2 voting

A proposal in the UpBots DAO has progressed to stage 2 voting. The proposal is as follows:

UIP2 — “Local TG and Discord group changes”

This proposal was made in regards to changing the international UpBots TG and Discord groups to make them unofficial and keep the English/main channel as the “official” UpBots channel.

Voting is open until midnight (Paris time) on September 4th. To cast your vote head to our Snapshot and make sure to have UBXT in your wallet.

UIP3 discussion in UpBots Discord

The other DAO proposal is UIP3 and currently, it’s open for discussion in the #uip3-staking-pools-distribution channel in our Discord.

This proposal is perhaps our most important yet as it deals with the rebalancing of our staking reward pools. We encourage all UBXT holders to participate in this discussion to make their voices heard.

You can jump into our Discord server (linked at the end of this article) to join this discussion.

Platform updates

3 new trading bots coming

There are three new trading bots that will be making their way shortly onto UpBots. These new recruits to our trading bot lineup can trade BTC, ETH, and BAT crypto pairs.

We’ll have additional information on these new bots as they inch closer to deployment. We hope you’re excited to be able to trade with some new bots!

Changes for withdrawals coming soon

There are a few changes in store for withdrawals that we recommend all users be familiar with. The first is that soon users will need to pay a fee when making a withdrawal. This fee will be used to cover the associated gas fees that come with the transaction.

The second change is that soon withdrawals can be received using the BSC blockchain. Including BSC in the withdrawal process is great for users who prefer to use BSC for transactions considering the lower gas fees.

More news will come on these updates for withdrawals soon.

OKEx exchange support is being worked on

Another crypto exchange is making its way onto UpBots. Soon users will be able to connect an OKEx account to UpBots once it’s added to our list of supported exchanges.

OKEx is a wonderful up-in-coming exchange so it’s great to provide trading services for users of this platform. After connecting an API, UpBots users can then trade manually or with bots on OKEx.

Further details are to come as OKEx exchange support continues development.

UpBots vault in development

UpBots is getting its own vault and that means another way to earn passive revenue. The vault will be a place for users to stake stable coins and earn UBXT in return. USDT, DAI, USDC, and more can be locked up in these vaults.

After locking up your stables you’ll begin earning a nice stream of UBXT rewards. Additional info on the UpBots vaults is to come.

New fonts and dashboards making progress

Keep an eye out for the new UpBots interface. This new front end will provide an even better user experience than ever before. All designs were made by a former UI/UX lead from Paypal which is even more awesome!

These designs are slatted to come in our new v2 structure. There will be more info on the release as development moves forward.

Algo dev portal nearing completion

The algo dev portal view is extremely close to release and is expected to come soon. Algo devs can access this portal in order to see important data for each of their hosted bots.

Such data they can see includes the amount of UBXT each bot has earned, the number of followers on every bot, and more. If you’re an algo dev hosting a bot on UpBots then this view will be handy to use.

2FA reset improvements

We’re looking to make it easier for UpBots users to reset the 2FA authentication they put on their accounts. The team is implementing a method to speed up the process that will allow users to reset their 2FA when needed.

We’ll have more info on these improvements as the team makes progress.

That’s all for this week! Be sure to catch us again for the next!

And now a meme from our community…

Have a question regarding the UpBots platform or our algo bots? Come join our Discord server!

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Trade your capital in Crypto Currency, DeFi solutions, Forex & Commodities, manually or with bots, through UpBots, the Swiss all-in-one trading eco-system.

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