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A new tale from My UpBots Journey

Here comes a brand new weekly wrap up for you to feast your eyes upon before jumping into your weekend plans.

Earlier this week, we published a brand new edition of “My UpBots Journey” where loyal UpBots member, Douda, shared his tale of how he became a bot trader.

There were also new bot stats to share from the brand new trading bots that recently joined our platform.

We’ve got those two big things for you and then all those awesome platform updates. Let’s dive in!

My UpBots Journey: Douda

The latest edition of the “My UpBots Journey” series will introduce you to Douda, a crypto enthusiast who used to hold crypto to earn profits, but after discovering UpBots, decided to take the plunge with trading bots.

After getting into crypto, Douda, researched different cryptos to invest in on the market and utilized holding as his main strategy. Once he discovered UpBots, he then became an avoid trading bot user.

Learn more about the benefits trading bots brought Douda in the full article.

New Bot Stats

New bot stats have been posted throughout the week! Check out the latest performances of these awesome bots.

Bot name | % of 6 month profits

WaveTrader ETC — +377%

WaveTrader BNB — +198%

Swing Sniper BTC — +37%

Liking the bots so far? Then you can start trading with them immediately on UpBots.

Platform Updates

UpBots vaults ready for launch w/ V2

There is great news about the vaults! Recently, we had the vaults go through an audit validation which resulted in them receiving wonderful results. It’s confirmed the vaults are ready and we’re looking to launch them around the same time as V2.

If you weren’t aware before, the UpBots vaults allow you to stake stable coins on BSC and earn passive UBXT rewards. This new edition provides all users with an additional means to earn passive revenue.

We’ll be sure to keep you all updated when they finally go live.

New trading bots to meet

New trading bots are currently packing their bags and preparing to make their way over to the algo rental section of UpBots. The trading bot line on our platform is expanding and we’re super excited to host these new additions.

You can expect to see a brand new FTT trading bot and also a bot that trades Dogecoin, that super adorable 4-legged crypto.

Hope you’re excited to welcome these new bots onto UpBots. Further details on their arrival are still to come.

UpBots V2 preparing for launch!

The new designs for the UpBots platform are all ready! They’re lookin’ nice and they are FAST!

At this time we’re currently having our team and some VIP members test the designs before deployment. As the team makes final optimizations and squashes any remaining bugs, it appears things are looking good for an official launch without anymore delay!!! Get ready!

Once the designs are live you should recognize a big difference in the feel, look, and speed of both the web and mobile platforms.

Keep your eyes peeled for when v2 takes off.

That’s all for this week! Catch you for the next one.

And now a meme from our community….

Have a question regarding the UpBots platform or our algo bots? Come join our Discord server!

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Trade your capital in Crypto Currency, DeFi solutions, Forex & Commodities, manually or with bots, through UpBots, the Swiss all-in-one trading eco-system.

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