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Alameda Research Make Strategic Investment in UpBots

UpBots is excited to reveal a strategic investment by Alameda Research. This is alongside other great funds like CMS, Taureon and a number of angel investors.

These investors make up our institutional and private sale rounds totaling 1.1 million USD in token sale funding.

We are very excited to be supported by Alameda Research on our mission to be the number one interface for traders who want to trade on both DEXs and CEXs, while also being able to stake, loan, borrow their assets through various DeFi protocols.

Alameda Research is the premier trading house in the crypto space and we believe their expertise will be invaluable as we build out the UpBots Trading Ecosystem.


We are really excited to have partnered with DEX AG, HXRO and Reserve in the DeFi and DEX space. In addition, we are actively speaking to DEXs, DeFi protocols, wallets and other relevant projects in this sphere so we can offer the best possible opportunities and innovative new solutions for capital allocation.

We are also exploring a listing on Serum and are excited by the prospect of what this next generation DEX will bring to the market.

We are also pleased to announce broker partnerships with many top exchanges such as Binance, OKex, FTX, ByBit, plus many more being finalised. These broker partnerships will allow traders on the UpBots platform to seamlessly trade on a vast array of CEXs simultaneously from the UpBots interface, manually and with the assistance of bots and algorithms.

We believe that being able to offer full access to both the CEX and DeFi landscape from one platform makes UpBots the ultimate tool for any trader within the space. Combined with education and advanced decision support tools, we aim to democratize crypto while allowing anybody, regardless of skill and experience to secure their future.

Imagine being able to:

- Create your own trading bot with an intuitive point and click interface
- Arbitrage trade assets across CEX and DEX
- Deploy a proven trading algo bot from our marketplace to trade volatility on ETH
- Take a position in new project by buying on 5 DEXs minimizing slippage
- Farm yield by staking your trading profits on your favorite DeFi protocol
- Avoid your capital sitting idle by lending it out through a DeFi Lender
- Do all of this (and more) from one 360 degree, beautiful trading interface

That is what the UpBots Trading Ecosystem will enable and we are excited to see this evolve over the coming years.

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Pre-register for the UpBots platform here for immediate information about the final token sale and also potentially win token drops



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