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It’s a bird….it’s a plane…no they’re SUPERBOTS!

All great heroes come from a deep background story. For the bots on UpBots, they’re all elite trading bots that produce trades for our users.

But now a new plan has unraveled for your heroes. The scientists from the UpBots lab have evolved some of your favorite trading bots to create SuperBots!

These bots are not to be made part of your comic book stash (we don’t need to know about your limited edition “Batman” comic, Brian) but they can be used to trade in the decentralized world.

Decentralized exchanges (DEXs) can be a bit tricky to understand but the SuperBots are here to help you muscle your way through.

My bot sense is tingling…

Getting that tingly feeling knowing that there are new bots on the way? If you’re a DeFi enthusiast and love to trade on DEXs then you’re about to get more excited than Deadpool at a chimichanga buffet.

SuperBots are ultimately the decentralized version of UpBots. It will be comprised of an on-chain interface that lets users add capital to crypto vaults. These vaults will be managed and traded by the SuperBots on the BSC.

We’re aiming to make the process to trade with these bots as easy as possible, and also, free for everyone to start using.

The powers of the SuperBots

SuperBots will provide a simplistic way for anyone to immediately begin trading crypto in the DeFi world. There are 0 pre-fees or tokens to buy and performance fees are taken out and automatically converted into UBXT after a trade is completed. It’s so easy, it couldn’t be any more simple to use.

Overall, the process is quite similar to using bots on UpBots, just completely decentralized and these bots are super.

So how exactly does the SuperBots get their powers? Well if you look under the hood you’ll see a unique vault based upon the specific crypto pair the bot will trade. This vault provides details such as the description, fees, and the 0x address of the algo dev to which the performance fees are sent.

All trades are managed via smart contracts and the process in executing one is similar to UpBots. The UpBots “pay only if you win” model also carries over to the SuperBots, so if a trade results in a loss we will not take fees as long as the vault is not in profit.

Users are able to withdraw funds whenever they wish. If a trade is currently open, we calculate the performance fees regarding their shares of the vault and withdraw them from the total.

Now those are some impressive superpowers!

UBXT, their trusty sidekick

Of course, UBXT is not being left out of this, in fact, our token plays an important role alongside the SuperBots.

Just like on UpBots, several parts of the UBXT fees taken from successful trades will be distributed to pay successful algo devs, sent to our token burn, and as a reward to UBXT stakers. Speaking of UBXT staking…you’ll be able to find UBXT staking pools on SuperBots too.

Utilizing UBXT in this fashion with the SuperBots extends its utilities and should have a positive impact on its price in the long run. Together, SuperBots and UBXT make up the ultimate dynamic duo.

The fun is just starting

The world of DeFi is ever-expanding and it’s only just starting to pick up speed. There are lots of exciting things in this space providing the SuperBots with even more adventures to go on.

NFT gaming, staking, yield farming, and even more are ideas that we may bring to the table later on.

Only time will tell…

Be sure to catch the next development issue in the upcoming SuperBots!




Trade your capital in Crypto Currency, DeFi solutions, Forex & Commodities, manually or with bots, through UpBots, the Swiss all-in-one trading eco-system.

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