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It’s TOMO Bot Time!

Get ready to blast off with another rocking UpBots wrap up! Grab some snacks and get comfy as we go through all the happenings. Easy on the popcorn there Brian!

First off, please give a nice warm welcome to a new member of our trading bot family, the TOMO bot! This bot was released as part of our partnership with TomoChain.

All of you Trust wallet users are going to love that your wallet of choice now can stake UBXT on UpBots. Users can now use either Meta Mask or the Trust wallet when jumping into some hot staking action. More on Trust wallet staking in our platform updates section.

NFT giveaway month 2 has come to an end. We’ve selected the winner who will receive the UpBots exclusive BOTTER collectible NFT card.

Also, for all of you who love big juicy APYs, we got some details on how you can start earning one on your UBXT-BUSD LP tokens with Beefy.Finance.

We’ve got all that plus some development updates to take us home. So let’s dive in!

UpBots x TomoChain partnership & new TOMO bot

It’s official, UpBots and TomoChain are now partners and we’re both excited to collaborate together. As part of this new partnership, we introduced a brand new trading bot for our users.

Now all users can begin using the TOMO trading bot to trade TOMO on UpBots! You can immediately start using this bot right now for free.

There’s also more in store with this new partnership. Both our teams are in the midst of planning an exclusive AMA with the TomoChain team. We’ll also have more events and surprises down the road.

Check out more details on this partnership here.

NFT giveaway month 2 comes to a close

Another fun NFT giveaway has flown right by us. We’d like to thank you all for favouriting our UBXT CoinGecko page as part of the entry requirements.

If you missed the announcement of this month’s winner then get ready because it’s…..

Lee@callout3 !!!

Congrats again to Lee@callout3, you’ll be receiving your NFT soon.

We’ve also taken a close look at your recommendations for BSC projects to host our next AMA with. The team is currently discussing who we’ll host so be sure to keep an eye on our announcements.

In the meantime, feel free to sign up for next month’s NFT giveaway.

A meaty APY at Beefy Finance

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice big juicy APY? Beefy.Finance now has a UBXT-BUSD LP farm with a compounding interest rate that will get your mouth watering.

Now you can earn a sizzling 1040% (variable) APY at Beefy when you stake your UBXT-BUSD LP tokens from PancakeSwap.

Now why is Beefy.Finance better than staking on PancakeSwap you might be wondering.

Well the main reason is Beefy will auto-compound the LP tokens. This means that you don’t have to withdraw CAKE and sell it to turn it into more LP tokens. Beefy will do this for you. Automagically.

So if you want to increase your bags of UBXT and BUSD, using Beefy is an easier, more hassle free way to do that, and to earn even more rewards each day by automatically increasing the size of your share in the pool.

In these current market conditions, this will have an additional side effect that helps you as a UBXT token holder.

Beefy is every day selling CAKE rewards and buying UBXT to re-farm as LP tokens on your behalf, so it creates constant buying pressure on the market, helping the price of UBXT.

If the bears have been getting you a bit down, then treat yourself to some passive UBXT rewards to get you smiling again.

Platform Updates

New interface designs in the works

A new design to the UpBots interface is in development. Based upon feedback and UX/UI research, we’ve drafted up some mocks to make our dashboards more user friendly.

Take a sneak peek below:

What do you think of the new design idea? Feel free to tell us below in the comments or on our Discord/Telegram channels.

Trust wallet staking now live

Now Trust wallet users can get in on all the staking fun. Support for UBXT staking with the Trust wallet is now live.

All you need to do is head over to our UBXT staking section, click “Connect wallet”, select “WalletConnect”, then scan the QR code with your Trust wallet and BOOM you’re in.

You can give staking with the Trust wallet a try right now with your UpBots account.

Performance fees testing continues

Tests on our perf fees are still being done by the team. Rigorous tests are required in order to ensure the performance fees are operational and bug free.

Once our perf fees are live then it will kick our tokenomics into action. Collected fees will be contributed towards paying algo devs, expanding platform features, and our token burn programs.

We’ll be sure to update you with more info on performance fees as development continues.

That’s all for this week! We’ll catch ya next time!

And now a meme from our community…

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