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KuCoin Lists UpBots (UBXT)

UBXT/USDT Trading is now LIVE!

On this most bodacious and excellent centralized exchange: KuCoin.

Here at UpBots HQ we are very excited to make this first announcement about our partnership with KuCoin.

We will have more in the coming days, including something tomorrow that’s going to be exciting for you, dear community.

You can already deposit UBXT to your KuCoin exchange wallet, and trading the pair goes live at 11am Swiss time (UTC+1), circa the time of publishing this article.

Withdrawals will become possible at 3pm (UTC+1) Swiss time.

Token/Market Data

Total Supply — 500 million UBXT tokens
Market Cap — $4,854520 (at the time of writing)
Issue Date — 12th Sept 2020
Consensus Protocol — ERC20
Circulating Supply — 193,160,693.16
24hr Vol — $104,293
Issue Price — $0.01

More data available on CoinGecko here

What’s next?

Tomorrow, Friday 20th November, we will have another announcement for you and it has a $25,000 price tag attached to it.

Of course we are continuing to negotiations with additional exchanges and we will bring those on line over the coming weeks and months.

Now that UBXT is live on KuCoin we will also be working to enable integration with the exchange at an UpBots API level ASAP.

When we launch “Manual Trading” (first for our Ambassadors — Beta, Brand and Battalion, and our Investors, and then followed by the broader community and general public), platform users will be able to trade directly from UpBots on KuCoin, as well as the other great exchanges integration is already possible with.

If you are a trader on the KuCoin exchange come join our Telegram community and say Hi (or Hola! if that’s your persuasion)…or just skulk around quietly like Brian. (…we know you’re there Brian!)

And now, a meme:

(this is a meme, not financial advice Brian…)



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