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Mmmm! CAKE farms & Syrup pools!

Farming cakes and pools of sweet UBXT syrup? What planet have we landed on? No need to pinch yourself, this isn’t a dream. Stop doing that Brian you’re going to hurt yourself!

Yes, you’re still on planet earth and just in time for the new UBXT Syrup pool and CAKE farm on PancakeSwap! They may sound delicious but instead of tingling your taste buds they help you grow your UBXT and CAKE supplies.

Get ready for month 2 of our NFT giveaways! We’ve kicked off the event giving entrants the chance to win the exclusive UpBots NFT, The BOTTER. Submissions to enter for month 2 are now closed, but you can still enter the next month here.

We’ve also hit another milestone with our user base growth, which is absolutely AWESOME!

And of course, we’ve got the latest exciting platform updates. So let’s dive in!

UBXT Syrup pool & CAKE farm

Everyone loves sweet stuff, and with PancakeSwap, we’ve cooked up some extra sweet rewards. Now you can earn free CAKE when you provide liquidity on PancakeSwap!

Provide liquidity using a UBXT-BUSD pair and you’ll receive free CAKE-LP tokens. You can then farm the CAKE-LP for free CAKE tokens! Farmers earned 1x CAKE rewards during the first 48 hours after the farm launched but can still earn 0.5x right now.

You can then take those delicious CAKE tokens and bathe them in the UBXT syrup pool to earn UBXT rewards.

Mmmmm are your blood sugar levels rising just by reading all this? If you haven’t had enough then get the full details in the following blog post.

NFT giveaway month 2 is off!

Last month’s NFT hunt included challenging riddles and tricks over a three week time span. This month we decided to make it a simple process so it’s easy to enter and there’s no rage quitting.

Emails have been sent to all those who registered with directions on what to do next. Be sure to note that you have till May 26th at 5 PM Paris time to submit the sent form. We’ll be taking all those who qualify and randomly draw the winner of month 2’s NFT on May 28th.

Check out the following article on how the giveaway is conducted.

Over 6500 users now on UpBots!

We’ve hit another milestone number this week! Right now our current user base consists of 6500 accounts!

Seeing the growth of our platform progress is always exciting. We look forward to watching this number keep increasing.

Development updates

Trust wallet staking coming soon

We’re adding staking abilities for a new wallet. Users will soon be able to stake UBXT using their Trust wallet!

The team has successfully implemented WalletConnect which will help establish staking for the Trust wallet on UpBots. Trust wallet staking is looking to go live soon.

Google / Facebook authentication releasing soon

Logging into UpBots is getting even easier. We’re adding Google and Facebook authentication so new and existing users can get to their dashboards even faster.

As long as you have a Google or FB account, you can simply log into UpBots with just a few clicks. This authentication method is nearing completion and is on its way.

Dashboard speed boosted

UI/UX fixes and performance optimizations for our dashboards have been deployed. Several proxies have been pushed by the team that help to improve the performance time of our dashboard speed.

You can log in to your UpBots account right now and experience all the swift loading speeds.

Performance fees testing continues

Our performance fees are still undergoing testing to ensure they are working properly. The team is making progress on the flow of this system which is the backbone of our tokenomics.

Performance fees will be used to pay algo devs, fund a UBXT staking reward pool, and sent to our token burn in different percentages. More updates are to come as performance fees continue to make progress.

Learning marketplace in development

A major upcoming feature to UpBots is our crypto learning marketplace. Here you’ll find a selection of courses where you can brush up or advance your knowledge.

Take courses on several topics related to cryptocurrency and blockchain. You may even learn some useful trading tips and tricks. Further updates are to come as the marketplace continues to undergo development.

Multiple subscriptions for bots in progress

We’re in the process of enabling multiple subscriptions per trading bot. This will make it possible for users to trade with one bot over several exchanges.

Currently each bot can only be used for one API key. With this update, you’ll then be able to use one bot for Binance, FTX, and other future supported exchanges.

That’s a wrap for this week! We’ll be seeing you all for the next one!

And now a meme from our community…

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