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My UpBots Journey #3: Zacs

Welcome to our interview series “My UpBots Journey!” This series of short interviews is about showing the different perspectives of traders currently using the UpBots platform.

We understand that beginners to crypto trading may feel hesitant to start trading with a bot. Through these interviews, we hope to showcase the pros and cons of trading with bots and let you see what real people have to say about their experiences.

In this interview, we hosted one of the most active UpBots community members that also use trading bots, Zacs.

Let’s meet Zacs!

How did you get started in crypto?

I was introduced to crypto by a friend back in 2017. Was not like an official intro to crypto but rather, Bitcoin. This friend was very excited to tell me about Bitcoin and how the smallest value was satoshi and was divisible by a hundred million units and all the good stuff that caught my attention.

How did you find trading at first?

To be honest I never knew what I was doing. I was sure lots of folks made good money from it and I wanted to as well with no prior knowledge of trading, but that was a disaster.

Did you make many mistakes you later regretted?

Lots of mistakes, from losing money on impulsive trades to trading without a plan to following random signal and pump and dump groups etc.

Is UpBots your first platform to use trading bots on?

No, not my first. I tried a popular platform that offered bot trading in the past and have heard of a few others, but I was not comfortable having my funds handled by them.

What was it about UpBots that helped you decide to try trading with trading bots?

A couple of things, but the most prominent were the investors in UpBots. Throughout the DeFi craze of summer 2020, I have seen Alameda Research and FTX backed projects all do well and I needed no soothsayer to predict that UpBots is a good one and will really succeed.

Secondly, I have heard of 4C-Trading in the past and got to know that the UpBots founder co-founded 4C-Trading- an apple doesn’t fall far from its tree. That was all the green light I needed to give UpBots a try.

How would you compare your experience on UpBots with other platforms?

Ease of use. No complicated settings. Beginner friendly UI (User Interface) is all more like a ‘plug’n play’ thing- punch in the required info and you’re up and running.

Has using trading bots had any impact on your life or lifestyle?

Yes, very positively. I still manually trade but no longer glued to the screen most hours of the day. I now trade in a particular trading session, and I can count on the bots to pick up trades that I couldn’t when I’m not trading and these things are really good at it.

How do crypto trading bots fit into your overall investment/trading strategy?

30% of my portfolio is allocated to the bots so far mainly with the long bots on UpBots, especially the FTT Spooner bot which has been incredible.

What do you see as the main benefits for investors in using a trading bot?

One word: FLEXIBILITY. You get to do a whole lot of other things besides trading knowing that your funds are in safe hands and carefully traded by well back tested algos

What would you say to someone else who was still on the fence about trying out a trading bot? Maybe they think bots are a scam or that it will lose all their capital.

One thing to know is FTX and Alameda do not invest in scams and if they trusted the project well enough to lead a fundraiser then that’s enough due diligence for me.

Secondly, I have been following the UpBots team from the very day the $UBXT IEO was announced on FTX and I have witnessed the dedication to not just work but the quality of work and effort these guys put in… only a few projects have this kinda zeal to get things done.

Hey, if you’re sitting on the fence, jump in on the UpBots side of the fence and see the benefits I enjoy. We’ll be glad to welcome you aboard.

Having seen the personal experiences of UpBots users are you prepared to start your own trading bot journey?

Take your first step by getting started on UpBots.



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