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My UpBots Journey #4: Douda

Welcome to our interview series “My UpBots Journey!” This series of short interviews is about showing the different perspectives of traders currently using the UpBots platform.

We understand that beginners to crypto trading may feel hesitant to start trading with a bot. Through these interviews, we hope to showcase the pros and cons of trading with bots and let you see what real people have to say about their experiences.

In this interview, we hosted one of the most active UpBots community members that also use trading bots, Douda

Let’s meet Douda

How did you get started in crypto?

I started getting interested in crypto in late 2019. I got in after the COVID crash. It may seem late compared to other people but I was lucky not to experience the 2018 crash after the Bitcoin All-Time High in January 2018.

How did you find trading at first?

After the crash, I found trading very easy because we had hit the bottom. But it was the first mistake in my life as a crypto investor. I wanted to try trading to grow my bag and be able to invest it in long-term projects.

In the end, I would have gained much more by holding because I didn’t know this new market at all. The first rule is to learn and the second is to be patient.

Did you make many mistakes you later regretted?

Impatience encompasses many other mistakes. The market in general plays with us and our money. Pressing the buy button is very simple but at the right time, it is more complicated.

Is UpBots your first platform to use trading bots on?

I had heard of other platforms but never wanted to try them thinking I could do better. Today it’s different. I have learned more about the UpBots project, its features, and what it will bring to the crypto world.

What was it about UpBots that helped you decide to try trading with bots?

A serious team is always there to explain and answer all questions, backers among the most reputable in the market (Alameda Research / FTX). The platform is also intuitive and easy to use.

Has using trading bots had any impact on your life or lifestyle?

Yes, the use of bots allows you to detach yourself emotionally from your investment because you know that it is in good hands (the history of the bots allows you to bet on the best).

When we trade we must always be in front of our screen and be ready to buy and sell, today UpBots can do it for us and with better performance. It’s an investment with really impressive earning possibilities.

How do crypto trading bots fit into your overall investment/trading strategy?

I allocated a portion for trading bots and used the other on interesting crypto projects. I use some of the earnings to please myself and the other part is reinvested

What do you see as the main benefits for investors in using a trading bot?

To have an additional income stream and to experience the advantages of trading without the common disadvantages.

What would you say to someone else who was still on the fence about trying out a trading bot? Maybe they think bots are a scam or that it will lose all their capital.

To make up their own mind. My father always told me: “Do and you will know”

One of the most important things is to find out if it is for you or not. Try with a small amount of capital and review after 2–3 months. Again, only the most patient are rewarded.

If people are hesitant, they can come and ask for help or more information in the UpBots Telegram or Discord. The number of bot users in the community are increasing and making nice gains. There is more to come so you’ll definitely want to check out UpBots!




Trade your capital in Crypto Currency, DeFi solutions, Forex & Commodities, manually or with bots, through UpBots, the Swiss all-in-one trading eco-system.

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