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Partnership Announcement: Arkane Network

If you’re keeping up on the latest in digital currency storage, then you will be aware of the amazing Arkane Network and boy oh boy, we are more excited than a school girl at a One Direction concert (yes, I’m looking at you Brian!) to announce our partnership today.

Arkane will be providing the infrastructure that allows us to provide blockchain wallets to all of our on-platform UpBots users.

Now I know what you’re thinking: “but Neil, you were always going to have that functionality…you are expressing an inappropriate amount of excitement for something you were always going to do”

If you are thinking this, then the piece of the puzzle you are missing dear reader is the fact that we’ve partnered with Arkane Network. Let me explain…

Yes, the on platform UBXT wallet was always going to be cool looking, tightly integrated and functional. The Arkane team are incredibly professional and really switched on, and best of all because of the work they have already done, we will have access to a partner that will provide awesome Layer 2 features that will enable UpBots and UBXT performance fee’s to work in an efficient way without the current astronomical GAS fees on every transaction.
(more on this partner tomorrow!)

Co-Founder of UpBots Benjamin Duval had this to say:

“We’re proud to partner with a platform helping to innovate the blockchain development scene. Arkane Network has a proven track record of providing cutting-edge solutions for integrating crypto wallets and blockchain APIs. We all cannot wait to get started with them on creating our blockchain wallet for UBXT and seeing the results it will bring.”

You’re probably aware that UpBots is developing a platform to empower crypto traders and revolutionize the trading scene. Their UBXT token was recently listed on KuCoin and had a successful staking campaign launch.

Adding the option for a blockchain wallet just makes sense so traders have another method of securely storing their crypto on the UpBots platform.

Co-Founder and CEO of Arkane Network Tim Dierckxsenshad this to say:

“After taking the tour of the UpBots trading platform I’m really excited about the next steps for the platform. Benjamin and the team have made a great effort in making trading as simple as possible for newbie traders as well as offering advanced tooling for the experienced trader. We have a shared vision to make blockchain technology simple. I’m glad that our wallet services can help the UpBots platform to grow and scale.”

About Arkane Network

Arkane has already secured over 2 million dollars worth of assets for roughly 40,000 people. The dev team at Arkane have innovated the deployment process for blockchain wallets and APIs with only a few lines of code. Their programming tools are a blockchain developers dream come true, making the complex and stressful simple.

About UpBots

UpBots is the all-in-one trading ecosystem for the modern trader. Offering an aggregation of DeFi solutions, DEX and Centralised exchanges as well as FOREX and commodities, traders can choose where they wish to trade digital and traditional assets to guarantee the most favorable conditions. With no code trading-bot creation or rental, trading signals, social copy trading, trading education and more, UpBots aims to empower traders so they can achieve success.

So what do you think about our latest partnership? Tell us here in the comments, or come hang out in our Telegram chat or on Twitter.



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