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Platform Update & Exchange Added!

Once again dear reader it is time I update you on the goings on of our dev team and where the platform is at here at UpBots HQ.

As you are by now no doubt aware, we launched our MVP Demo version of the platform last Friday. I asked our loyal subscribers, the influencers who have been interested in the project since early on, our Community Managers as well as an assortment of VIPs and investors all to give us feedback!

Oh, I also asked the 7000 people on our email list to try out the platform and then to do the same. Feedback is a gift I said.

And wow, Christmas came early for me because that’s approximately two days of unwrapping “gifts”. I can honestly say I haven’t spent that much time in my inbox since the early 2000’s!

This told me two amazing things I only suspected but wasn’t fully aware of:

Just a TINY sample that is representative of the types of feedback received.

So I think it’s fair to say from a platform development perspective, we are on the right track and things are off to a great start.

So What Is Today’s Release Got In It?

Well as I hope you are already aware from my updates, the MVP is an MVP because we will be pushing updates to the production version each day and week over the coming months as we make thousands of incremental improvements and add new features.

Today’s main feature announcement is that we have added the ability to connect to Huobi Exchange. When we activate trading UpBots users will be able to do so on Huboi immediately.

The ability to trade has not yet been activated either by algo bot (coming very soon), or by manual settings (also coming soon), but both of these major features are actively being progressed.

For now you can add your API keys to Huobi and see your portfolio data in your UpBots dashboard in the same way you can with FTX, Binance and BitMEX. So you will be ready to trade on that exchange as soon as those trading features are enabled.

So What Has Happened Since Then?

Well it has only been around 1 week since the early release launch of the MVP and in that time already there have been dozens and dozens of fixes and improvements that our QA processes have picked up and the IT team implemented.

Most of those are small things but some are more significant.

For example, the 2FA interface is now much improved from the first release. Also the Metamask process has been completely reviewed and improved.

And these are the improvements you can see on the front end, but there have also been many improvements and updates you cannot see, either on the back end, dev ops, or work on features not yet released.

For example there have been a number of key changes made to the UI to improve the speed of the experience using it.

So thats a wrap for today.

As mentioned earlier in this post and in others, the things to look out for in the coming days are our Staking Program, Algo Trading Bots launching and of course the all important Manual Trading…all coming soon to an UpBots near you 😜

And now a community meme I found on Twitter:



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