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Preparing for liftoff: UpBots commercial launch

Welcome cadets to the launch preparation! We’ve checked our engines, readied our space suits, and drafted the blueprints for our commercial launch.

Today we’ll be providing you with basic details of our 3 phase plan to send UpBots up, up, and away! Hope you’re ready for the ride.

The first NFT hunt is coming to a climatic end with the third and final round beginning Monday, April 26th. Who is going to walk away with the NFT prize? Brian put that down you’re not even in the hunt!

For those of you who sat around thinking, “gee I really wish I could own some badass UpBots merch!” Well, we have great news for you. The UpBots merch store is now live and open for business.

Other news includes a new UBXT listing, a recent interview Neil did, and a major milestone being met.

Oh, and of course the latest development updates. So with all that said, let’s jump in!

Commercial launch phases

The crew has made the needed preparations and we’re giving you a peek into the launch blueprints. This launch will take place in 3 unique phases:

Phase 1- A large number of features will be released to the demo platform. All users will be able to begin using these released tools and platform features. However, some features will be visible but remain locked until upcoming phases are set in motion.

Phase 2- We’ll begin inviting UpBots Battalion members, ambassadors, and influencers to come test drive the platform. During this closed testing phase, these groups will pilot several UpBots features to help us prepare and improve them. Note: Anyone who wishes to join the Battalion during this period will need to wait till after the full launch.

Phase 3- The general public release. Here is where we’ll hit the button into hyperspace. In this phase, UpBots will leave its “demo” stage and officially be fully live with its core features.

We’re super excited to have you take this journey with us!

NFT hunt — the final round

Our April NFT hunt is drawing to a close and it’s been quite the ride. With so many exciting events and heated competition, we’re looking forward to next month’s event.

The start time for this round is 2 PM Paris/Zurich time on Monday, April 26th.

This round isn’t like previous ones so hunters better utilize their time wisely if they want to win. It’s designed as a race so the first to pass the post wins.

The official winner of the NFT will be announced once all points are tallied.

If you didn’t make this month’s hunt but want to join the next one you can register here.

UpBots merch store

T-shirts, hoodies, and cell phone cases, oh my! UpBots has a new line of merch for those looking to score some official swag.

Show off your crypto trading persona in style with our unique clothing and apparel designs. Come browse the store and nab some gifts for yourself, a friend, or that special someone.

UBXT listed on CoinPaprika

Another great source for finding information about UBXT is now available to everyone. CoinPaprika has added UBXT to their selection of cryptocurrency listings.

View data on UBXT price, charts, FIAT conversions, and other important data right on CoinPaprika.

Blockchain Wayne interviews Neil

Our Marketing Director, Neil, had the opportunity to sit down with Blockchain Wayne on an episode of Stably. They discuss hot topics around UpBots that include how the company started and if trading bots really can produce profits.

You’ll also get some insight on potential features and ideas for the platform. Catch the full interview on YouTube.

Over 4000 users now on UpBots!

UpBots has crossed a major milestone with our current user base numbers. Over 4000 users are now officially on UpBots and climbing!

We’d like to thank everyone who has supported us and enjoy using UpBots tools. Now let’s keep the momentum going forward!

Platform developments

Phase 1 launch

Many new features are planned to go live during phase 1 of our launch plan. Details will drop on which features these are when phase 1 goes into full effect. Try to maintain your excitement until we get to Monday!

On Monday all the brand new features will be presented and we’ll have plenty of details for you to dive into.

KuCoin exchange trading for algo bots

The algo bots are about to learn how to trade on a new exchange. Now they’re aiming to expand their knowledge and add KuCoin to their list of compatible exchanges.

Currently the bots are able to trade on Binance Spot and the FTX exchanges. The team is helping to train them in the art of KuCoin trading and has reported they’re learning fast. While they are fast learners, the bots want to perfect their KuCoin trading skills, so they’ll continue their training after the phase 1 launch.

Once their training and testing is complete we’ll have updates on when KuCoin algo bot trading goes live.

Create my bot simple version

Create my bot is a new feature heading to UpBots that will give users complete custom control of their own algo trading bot. In this feature, users can set more specific parameters that shape their trading strategy for a bot to follow.

Right now a simple version of this feature has been developed and is in the testing stage. We plan on expanding this feature but for now we’re using a simple version to see how it runs.

The Create my Bot feature is making progress and is aiming to come sometime after the phase 1 launch. More updates to come on its progress.

Hope you had a blast going through this week’s wrap up! Catch you all next week!

And now a meme from our community…

Have a question regarding the UpBots platform or our algo bots? Come join our Discord server!

Want to receive the latest UpBots company news and updates? Come join our Telegram channel!




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